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Hear from Adam Trundle on his first two months at Deloitte

This human element has been one of my favourite aspects of my experience in Deloitte to date

I’ve now been in Deloitte for just over two months and I’m starting to feel like I’m settling in properly. Over the past number of weeks I have already seen so many of my key skills improving. I’ve sent countless internal and external emails, and made phone calls; both to clients and on their behalf. All of this direct contact has helped me to develop my own communication skills. Not only that, but the human connections that these interactions bring really help me to feel as though the work I’m doing has a real impact. This human element has been one of my favourite aspects of my experience in Deloitte to date.

In addition to my day-to-day work, I’ve also been attending internal training to further develop my technical ability. Equipping myself with in-depth knowledge of Irish tax legislation and accounting practices allows me to carry out my work more independently and enriches my understanding of my role within the organisation. However I’m still reliant on my colleagues, who (thankfully) are always available to answer my unending questions, or to point me in the right direction so I can find the answers for myself. One of the things that has had a huge impact on me is the sheer amount of resources at our disposal here in Deloitte. There are so many online databases, and there is constant contact between member firms around the world. All of this adds to the learning culture I wrote about in my previous entry and enriches my own development as a young professional.

Another crucial component of my training contract is my study towards professional qualifications. At the moment, I’m studying for CAP 1 exams, which are the first step towards qualifying as a Chartered Accountant for someone with no exemptions from college, such as myself. It would be a blatant lie if I said that it wasn’t hard to stay motivated to attend every one of these lectures. There have been Saturday and Sunday mornings when I’ve just wanted to take after Bill Murray in Groundhog Day and fling my alarm clock as far away from me as possible. However, this is such an essential part of training to be an accountant that I’ve been developing new-found discipline. As of writing this, I have yet to miss a lecture for any of my CAP1 modules. One of the things that helps me to keep going is the fact that everyone is in the same boat. There are no trainees in Tax who don’t have some form of professional qualification that they are studying towards. Another help is that the lecturers are passionate about their subjects and that there is an excellent professional education team here to support us every step of the way.

It’s not all work here though. As Christmas draws near I’ve been throwing myself into as many “extra-curricular” activities as I can manage. I recently volunteered to join the committee for the culture society in the hopes of putting my music degree to good use. I have also been compiling playlists as part of the Unplugged initiative, which encourages Deloitte employees to switch off regularly. I’m really looking forward to carol singing to raise funds for the Simon community, which is coming up soon.

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