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Meet our Graduates - Aisling Beamish

Analyst in Consulting

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What did you study in college?

My undergraduate was a B.A. (Hons) in European Studies (History, Politics, Philosophy, French and Spanish) at Trinity College, Dublin – with an erasmus year at IEP Sciences Po in Bordeaux, France. Following my undergraduate I decided to return to Trinity again for a MSc in Management.

Why did you choose the Deloitte Graduate Programme?

Deloitte has a great reputation as a graduate employer, but what truly attracted me to Deloitte was the opportunity to work with a really vast pool of industry-leading clients nationally and worldwide. I wanted to work at a firm where I could gain exposure to many different types of projects and clients, as well as being granted opportunities to work within various industry sectors and with people from all over the globe.

To date I have worked with a diverse set of clients and colleagues. I have had the opportunity to work abroad on international projects, in collaboration with our Deloitte colleagues from firms across Europe, the U.S. and beyond. I am excited to continue taking advantage of the opportunities for growth and international mobility that Deloitte provides. The projects are interesting and varied and you get such insight into so many different types of organisations across multiple industries. It leaves you at a great advantage - rather than diving straight into employment in an industry-specific organisation or in a more rigid role - to dip your toe into lots of different organisations, offerings and industries, learn where your strengths lie, and build your own path accordingly.

What did you find most challenging about the working world?

It's a fast-paced, high-performing culture where we make an impact that matters to our clients every day; this can initially be daunting. Yet I did not expect to be so well looked after; I was given great growth opportunities and autonomy but such support at the same time. I feel like Deloitte’s culture is structured to nurture one’s growth and development, especially when coupled up with management and leadership support.

How has Deloitte helped you build your career?

I love being able to draw on insights and expertise from the global network and going beyond borders to gather a variety of perspectives. I love also working for such a large organisation that has worldwide expertise, knowledge, experience and opportunities, best-practice approaches and models. The wealth of resources and the opportunity to build your internal network across Deloitte worldwide is amazing; it inspires confidence that the work we do is backed by such tried and tested efforts. This enables us, in turn, to deliver high-quality, best-practice outputs to our clients. It is great to have such faith in the methodologies and ways of working of our firm and our ability to deliver success.

Do you have any mentors and if so what is their value to you?

The best thing about Deloitte is the focus on people. Firstly, we have an assigned coach/appraiser who is there to formally advise and support you throughout your journey at Deloitte. I have found that relationship really valuable in helping me to provide feedback and guidance that has helps steer my progression and development over the past year. However, mentorship in our team goes beyond being a formality. As early as during the interview process, it was clear that our leaders really care about our team. Over the past year I have been lucky to work with various team members on different internal and client-facing initiatives and they have been such valuable supports. People in Deloitte are always ready to give guidance, share feedback and insights, and generally take the time to be a helping hand – an aspect of Deloitte I truly value.


The projects are interesting and varied and you get such insight into so many different types of organisations across multiple industries.


What is the most valuable thing you have learned since you joined the workforce?

Something really helpful that I have learned since joining Deloitte is the value of asking questions. Asking for help, advice and feedback is greatly encouraged here. Deloitte’s way of working is collaborative, dynamic and based on teamwork and knowledge-sharing, so it makes sense to make use of the knowledge, network and resources available.

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you finished college?

The learning doesn’t and shouldn’t stop there!


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