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Why I chose an internship in Tax

Aisling O’Kennedy - Graduate in Corporate Tax

Why I chose a career in Tax

My name is Aisling O’Kennedy and I have recently wrapped up an excellent four years of studying Commerce and Chinese at UCD. In my opinion the Bcom International course was the perfect choice for me in that it offered an overview of general business, as well a taste of how it diversifies throughout different cultures around the world. The course also shows you the different business paths you can take; be it finance, technology consulting, digital marketing, accounting, or in my own case; Corporate Tax.

If I’m being completely honest, when I started my first year of college a career in tax was never something I would have seen myself doing. I didn’t know a huge amount about tax other than the fact that it made ordering clothes from the US and purchasing drinks on a night out more expensive; so altogether not a great first impression.  However, during the course of college my interests changed, I began to regularly read the paper and the topic of tax appeared more and more on my radar.  My first hands on experience with the subject was when I enrolled for a Tax in Society module during my first semester of final year. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the subject drew me in and from day one I knew I wanted to learn more.

The tax in Society module at UCD explored the development of the Irish taxation system, the economics and theory of taxation, the concepts of residence, ordinary residence and domicile. Basically we learned why and how tax came about, and how it affects us in various ways.  I got a chance to learn about Capital gains tax and income tax in depth and learned how to prepare basic computations for different taxes. This in turn gave me a feel for what work in a tax department would involve.

Leaving this module I felt I had a real understanding of the principles of taxation, as well as the ability to critically evaluate different theories of taxation including taxes on income, capital and spending. I knew that tax suited my learning style as I enjoy both learning theory and maths. I really liked the mix and found the tax theory was interesting, while the computations took care of explaining and backing the theory up.

The subject of tax itself is extremely topical, and it affects everybody at all stages in their lives, be it directly and indirectly. I like to be kept on my toes, and this is why I love the variety a career in tax offers.

When I was deciding my career path there was always something in the news on tax, be it BEPS, the Paradise papers scandal, or the general buzz surrounding Ireland’s corporation tax, all of which played a part in piquing my interest in the subject. Tax legislation is always changing, each country has a different set of rules and regulations, this creates new challenges and keeps the work interesting and stimulating.

Ireland in particular has been in the limelight for being a ‘tax haven’, and having a career in tax keeps you up to date with the going on and help understand the importance of what a strong tax structure can do to our economy. Tax also has the ability to change the way people act and carry out business as well as their personal lives. The new sugar tax is a perfect example of this; egging Lucozade to change ingredients and the entire taste of its drink in order to curb costs and satisfy the publics’ demand for healthier food and drinks.

Tax at Deloitte

I knew I wanted a career in tax but wasn’t sure of what area I wanted to specialize in. This is why the internship programme is so great and has given me an insight into all the different departments. Deloitte has five main tax departments; Corporate tax, Private Clients, Indirect Tax, Transfer Pricing, Global Employer Services (GES).

The variety of areas just goes to show how complex and varied tax is. When it came to applying for jobs it was clear that tax at Deloitte was the obvious choice. Deloitte’s multi-award winning Tax team is one of the largest and fastest growing tax advisory service providers in Ireland. At Deloitte you also have the amazing opportunity to do both tax and accounting exams.

Having two qualifications is amazing for your own personal achievements, and with this Deloitte offer amazing exam support and incredible results. I feel like my time here so far has really prepared me and I am very excited to return here and start my career in tax.


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