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Our people: Alison Hall

IT Auditor & Security Senior Consultant in Risk Advisory – Operational Risk

Why did you choose Deloitte and in particular, Risk Advisory?

As part of my four year University degree I was required to take part in a Placement Experience Program (PEP). I reached out to Deloitte Dublin and interned for seven months as part of my third year degree program. I worked within the Enterprise Risk Services now known as Risk Advisory. During my internship I was given the opportunity to gain experience within the different service lines within Risk Advisory, specifically within Technology Assurance. From my degree I had a background in accounting, economics and marketing with technology focused subjects such as databases, systems analysis and networks. During my internship I was able to translate the knowledge I had gained from University into real life working scenarios. Throughout my internship I quickly started to realise that Deloitte is a people firm, which I think is quite rare these days.

Upon completion of my internship I was offered a three-year training contract to gain the necessary experience to become a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). It was really a no brainer in making the decision to come back to Risk Advisory!

Describe your day-to-day role in Risk Advisory

My day to day role varies greatly depending on the type of project or client that I am working on. My work is divided between delivering to our own portfolio of external clients while also supporting the Deloitte Financial Auditors. I sit between the Business and IT departments and am required to understand and translate between the two areas. This work includes internal and external IT audit for a variety of industries and clients, as well as bespoke reviews. I have also had the opportunity to work within the different service lines within Risk Advisory, which really gave me a taste for the services we provide to our clients as one department.

I am also Vice Chairman of the Culture Society within Deloitte Sports & Social (SandS) Committee. I am responsible for; presenting at the annual general meeting (AGM) to the SandS partner and SandS Committee on prior year and proposed year budget and events, managing the annual budget, keeping detailed financial records, acting spokesperson, organising events and coordinating these events throughout the firm. Deloitte SandS Committee allocate a budget each year with allow us to offer events at a subsidised rate or free for our employees. Our most successful events have been Craft Beer/Wine tastings, Cocktail making classes, 1916 Raising Bus Tour and The Big Grill Festival! These nights are a great way to network within Deloitte.

What further learning opportunities are available to you now in Risk Advisory?

Deloitte is one of the “Big Four” firms who are recognized globally, which means global experience and global opportunities! Since joining in September 2014, I have had the chance to work with global clients and travel as a result of work. I’m actually off to Germany next week!

As I mentioned before Deloitte is a people firm, one of Deloitte’s initiatives is Leaders at all Levels which aims to help the development of employees and finding innovative ways to do things. As it is a training firm we work on basis of 20/80 methodology, 20% formal training and 80% on the job training.

Deloitte also offers such programs as Global Mobility or secondment opportunities, which gives employees the opportunity to work in another Deloitte office all around the world.

What’s something you didn’t know before joining Deloitte?

Deloitte are also well known for their Corporate Social Responsibility work, each year we take a day out of the office to give back to the local communities in Dublin and the surrounding counties. Last year I had the opportunity to volunteer with Fettercairn Youth Horse Project on behalf of Foroige. We spent the day painting the games room and clearing out the fields for the horses! I also volunteer each Easter with the Irish Pilgrimage Trust and as part of Deloitte’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy provide two days volunteering leave, which doesn’t have to be taken from my personal leave!


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Name: Alison Hall   

Position: IT Auditor & Security Senior Consultant

Department: Risk Advisory – Operational Risk: Assurance

College Attended: National University of Ireland, Galway.

Course Completed: BSc. In Business Information Systems

Joined Deloitte: September 2014

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