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Audit & Assurance Achievers Programme

Join us for an interactive webinar with audit professionals from Deloitte, where you'll gain insight into the accounting profession and learn more about Deloitte’s culture, values and work experience programmes.

Starting your career in accounting could be the best decision you ever made

Do you think a career in accounting is basement offices? Stuffy suits? Dusty tomes? Look again.

Financial markets are growing more global and complex, which means our focus on performing independent financial statement audits and independent audits of internal control over financial reporting is more complex as well.

At its core, Audit & Assurance enhances trust in the capital markets. And, now, as technology transforms how audits are executed, there are increased opportunities for exposure to meaningful, well-rounded experiences earlier in audit professionals’ careers through delivery of value-add insights and interactions with company leaders.

An audit is more than an obligation—it’s a powerful lens for illuminating the current state of an enterprise, providing insight that can inform future aspirations.

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Who should attend?

The Deloitte Audit & Assurance Achievers Webinar is open to first- and second-year university students who are studying Commerce, Finance and Accounting or have an interest in Audit & Assurance as a future career.

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