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Why work in a 'Big Four' Firm?

Caoimhe O'Fearghail - Global Business Student, DCU.

“Make an impact that matters” is the philosophy that Deloitte wants its employees to aspire to in both their working lives and life in general. It is the ethos at the core of all work carried out at the Firm. Now as my time here at this global powerhouse draws to a close I find myself reminiscing on how Deloitte empowered me to “make an impact that matters”.

As a second year Global Business student, the task of hunting down a Co-op placement for the upcoming summer seemed like an impossible task in the midst of dark November days. A time when my dependency on caffeine was through the roof and semester one exams were lurking around the corner. Undoubtedly, a summer Co-op position was the last thing on my mind.

However, there is a saying that goes “good things come when you least expect them” and that was certainly the case for me when the opportunity arose to interview for a position in Deloitte's Dublin-based office. It was so unexpected that I had to convince my mother to drive to Dublin with suitable clothing for an interview mid-week as I had none with me in college.

I promised her that I would take both my father and her out for dinner if she brought the items I needed for the interview to Dublin under the condition that I managed to secure the Co-op position. Just over a week later I was trying to convince my father to choose the 8oz steak rather than the 12oz from the menu of one of our local restaurants as my pocket did not want to take that much of a hit! 

As a result of my successful interview process, I began my journey into the professional working world back in April. Looking back now I truly believe that I would not have settled in and adapted to this new way of life as well as I did, had it not been for three different factors I encountered during my time at Deloitte. 


As an ambitious young person I wanted to pursue a high reaching career with an equally ambitious company. For me, Deloitte represented just that. Voted the number one Irish graduate recruiter in 2017, Deloitte is a firm that will allow you to grow, develop and nurture your ambition and talent so YOU can make the impacts that drive you and your career in the direction you want.

When different projects arise and you believe you can contribute to their success, there is a very approachable system in place for you to express your interest in the project. This allows employees to work on projects that are meaningful to them and projects that they believe will challenge and strengthen their understanding of the industry. I believe when you are working on projects like this, that resonate with you, you will be more enthusiastic and determined to make the project a success. 

This, combined with the top of the line learning opportunities and training provided to you when you join, allows Deloitte to hold the reputation of being considered one of “The Big Four” professional services firms in the world.

Growth and Development of YOUR Talent.

One of the most surprising elements of my time spent here at Deloitte was the supportive and encouraging environment and ambience which I experienced throughout the Firm. This working atmosphere was not what I had expected at all.

In the past I have held part time positions in a variety of different working environments and none have been accompanied by the energy and enthusiasm I’ve experienced during my time at Deloitte. While there is a concrete hierarchy in each Department, Co-ops like myself, have the opportunity to deal with and learn from the most senior members of the Department on a daily basis. This openness and integration between grades not only engages healthy competition and drives employees, but it also creates a team-like atmosphere as you can rely on all members of the Department for support and guidance.

I grew up playing Ladies Gaelic Football and I believe that I train my best and play my best when I train and play with players who are better than me. This is because they push me to rise to their standard and that was something I noticed myself doing here as a result of this integration and exposure to senior members of the Department. Along with this, the ease of integration between Partners and Trainee staff on different projects highlights the mutual respect that every member of the Firm has for one another regardless of their role within Deloitte.

Making an Impact that Really Matters

Deloitte's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are like no other and it is here where Deloitte's motto of “making an impact that matters” is hits home. Taking part in CSR initiatives was a huge part of the reason why I enjoyed my time at Deloitte as much as I did.

The stand out CSR initiative for me has to be Impact Day. Twice a year the Firm holds designated charity days. On these days all employees are given the opportunity to volunteer with a charity for their choice. For me I chose to volunteer with a charity which rescued and housed ill-treated horses.

Myself and a group of colleagues spent the day running maintenance tasks across the entire sanctuary and when it came time to go and the owner saw the work we did, she was visibly moved. I had never been given the opportunity to make an impact like that in previous positions I’ve held with different companies. Sometimes it's hard sitting at your desk to grasp the positive impact you are having, but by being given the opportunity to get out of the office and take part in this initiative was truly rewarding and refreshed my belief that, here at Deloitte, I did make an impact that mattered. 

The biggest tell-tale sign for me that Deloitte is the place I would like to find myself working after I finish my studies is that for the last four months I found it very easy to get out of bed every morning. I thoroughly enjoyed working for this Firm for many different reasons.

The work itself was challenging, innovative and pushed me to expand my knowledge which I truly found rewarding. The atmosphere in the Firm was friendly, supportive, encouraging and caring. Your fellow colleagues want to see you succeed as there is a strong sense of comradery etched into this workforce.

Finally there are endless opportunities to explore many different sectors within the professional services world and all from the comfort of the one Firm.  Deloitte’s global reach is one of the most appealing factors which originally captured my attention and is a resource that cannot be ignored if you want to expand your career internationally. If you find these characteristics resonating with you then Deloitte is more than likely the place for you.

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