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Deloitte's SAP Consulting practice are hiring. Meet the Irish SAP team and hear what they love about being part of a Global team of 18,000+ dedicated SAP practitioners in over 35 countries making an impact on their clients every day.

Careers in SAP Consulting Practice

Meet Dirk Reuter, Director in SAP Consulting practice

Dirk is a true “SAP evangelist” with 25 years of SAP experience. He has successfully operated as programme and project manager, enterprise solution architect, business transformation and rollout manager, service delivery manager, and senior business advisor – both as a consultant and in the industry. Read Dirk's story on working in Deloitte SAP.

At home we refer to my job as “the other family” – that phrase encapsulates how I feel about working with my colleagues and clients and the enthusiasm and passion that brings

Meet Ebru Kuzucu, Senior Manager in SAP Consulting Practice

Ebru is a SAP senior manager and supply chain expert with client management and process focus. Ebru has 19 years of technical expertise in SAP application in logistics modules and IT service management for global organisations.
Read Ebru's story on what it is like to work in Deloitte SAP.

I am still learning after 20 years and in an era like this, it is important. 

Meet Cian O'Sullivan, Manager in SAP Consulting Practice

Cian works in the technology practice group and has worked on a wide breadth of SAP Projects spanning the Life Sciences, Retail and Manufacturing Industries. These projects can involve the implementation of SAP to part or all of the clients company both within Ireland and across the globe. Read Cian's story on what is like to work at Deloitte SAP?

Deloitte has a vibe that is hard to describe. It’s a sense of satisfaction almost, knowing that you are working with the best team and people and everyone is in it together.


Meet Ryan O'Hagan, Manager in SAP Consulting Practice

Ryan works in ERP implementation projects with large multinationals. These companies are making radical changes to their IT systems which typically involve multiple phases over a couple of years. Read Ryan's story on what it is like to work at Deloitte SAP

There is constant change in your role with new technologies, new ideas and different perspectives. Nothing ever stays still.

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