Life at Deloitte

Success on and off the field

Cathal Silke, Audit & Assurance Graduate

When did you start playing football and how did you end up on the Corofin team?

I first started going to organized football training, when I was 6 years old. For me it wasn’t a case of choosing the club I played for it was a case of playing with your local team, the team all your school mates played with and the team your family had played with. I guess I was just lucky that the club I was born in to, happened to be so successful and that I managed to progress from the underage system to the senior team. The chance of success definitely makes the commutes home to Galway for training more bearable but I’d like to think that if things had been different and we weren’t challenging for titles as a team, that my loyalties to the club wouldn’t waiver.

How does your intensive training schedule for Corofin compare to your training to become a Chartered Accountant?

Each period of training between championship games with Corofin is tailored towards beating the opposition in the next game, opposition which become stronger after each round. Training to become a chartered accountant with Deloitte is also broken down in to specific components, each one targeted at helping you pass increasingly challenging exams and aiding you in progressing towards higher levels of seniority within audit teams. So they are very similar as both are long term programs, broken down in to specific components targeted at preparing you for progressively difficult tasks.

Does your work on the field help your work in Deloitte off the field?

Success on the pitch requires communication and cohesive team work as does working as part of an audit team. I also feel that pressurised scenarios during important games has helped me to deal with any of the pressures that may come with tight deadlines in work, although entirely different forms of pressure, experience on the field has thought me that panic is counterproductive and that if you’re struggling you can always ask your team mate to help you out.

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