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Top tips for interview

Chloe Kearns - Summer intern in Audit and Assurance, Galway

One of the first things I remember from my interview with Deloitte is the ball of nerves in my stomach which I now know was quite unnecessary. My day got off to a bad start beginning with missing the bus so this of course made matters worse. It was a close call but I still managed to make the interview before time.


This leads me to my first piece of advice - organise your travel well in advance and make sure it is reliable and will get you to your destination early. Factor in traffic delays if you are going to be travelling at peak times. Being late is definitely not a good first impression. You must show that you are well organised and will show up for work on time every day.

First impressions are vital to making a difference to the outcome of your interview. Lots of research has been done to prove that bosses will know whether they are going to hire you within the first few minutes of meeting you. This means you should put in time and effort in your appearance. Lads should wear suit and tie, and do not forget the smart shoes. For women it could be a smart dress or trousers and a shirt. Makeup and jewellery should be kept to a minimum. The first point of contact with your potential bosses is a handshake so make sure to practise this and show you are strong and self-assured.

Once the interview begins you must simply to just try and relax! The Interviewers have at some point in their lives been the interviewee and know how it feels to be the hot seat. They are not going to ask you any outrageously difficult questions so there is no need to be scared if you are properly prepared. If you are nervous the person interviewing you will notice straight away, even from your sweaty palms at the first handshake. Deloitte needs confident men and women so show them that is you.


Take a deep breath and smile. If you are calm the answers to the questions will come easier to you. Majority of things that you will talk about will draw on personal life experience. For example, a time when you showed teamwork skills or what motivates you. Just imagine you are telling the story to someone that makes you feel comfortable and do not over think it. Other questions asked may be about Deloitte itself so be sure to research the company, know its core values etc. Know why you have picked audit, tax or the other departments and what you think will be expected of you in that line of work.


Have an idea of what your future plan is when you finish your degree- whether you would like to do a masters or go straight into a graduate programme or whatever other route. If you are not sure that’s okay, but make sure to show that you know what you options are and that you have researched well.


Most people will know this already but make sure to research the accounting and tax exams. Deloitte wants to invest in people that could potentially turn into a longer contracts in the future so show that you are very enthusiastic about a future career with them.

Take the time to say thank you after your interview. This is good interview etiquette as it reinforces your interest in the position and shows the interviewer you have excellent follow-up skills. This may give you an advantage over another candidate. An email is the handiest way to do this so make sure to ask one of the interview panel for a business card and remember all their names.

Remember, this is more than likely the first interview you will do for a professional job. The interviewer knows this and is certainly not expecting you to be perfect. All they want you to show them is who you are and why you are right for the position and the firm.

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