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Our people: Conor Quinn

Analyst in Risk Advisory - Cyber Risk

Why did you choose Deloitte and in particular, Risk Advisory?

During the final year of my undergraduate degree I began to consider what I was going to do after college. I always had an idea of a job that is technical but also quite people focused. However I was stuck in a situation where I had to make a decision if I wanted to enter the workforce or continue with education in the form of a masters. I had friends working for Deloitte at the time and it always struck me how highly they spoke of the company in relation to the work and the overall culture. Due to recommendations and research I decided to interview for a job with Deloitte, however I also decided to continue with my education by funding a part time masters for myself.

Deloitte recognise the importance of continued learning and once they heard about my ambition to continue education were willing to offer me support in terms of extra study leave and breaks. It is reasons like that what I chose Risk Advisory (Cyber Risk), as the culture allows you to improve and upskill as an individual but also perform at a high level professionally. 

My day to day role in Risk Advisory

I work in the Cyber Risk Services team within Risk Advisory, so my day to day role can vary greatly. I have worked on projects ranging from encryption advisory to digital forensics. At the moment I am working with a client on Vulnerability Management and Threat Intelligence.

With cyber security being highlighted a lot these days, managing the attack scope of ‘hackers’ is very important and on a day to day basis I assess where the client may be vulnerable and gain intelligence on threats that could affect them in the future. Once vulnerabilities are identified, I have to assess the potential impact of them and get them fixed as soon as possible depending on criticality. The nature of the work changes from day to day as it is impossible to predict what sort of new attack vectors are created so the work is very rewarding.

What further learning opportunities are available to you now in Risk Advisory?

As part of my Cyber Risk contract there is a requirement to sit and obtain the SSCP certification which in turn qualified me as a Systems Security Certified Practitioner. This certification demonstrates your ability as a cyber security practitioner and is ideal precursor for the much sought after Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Due to the industry that is cyber risk, being up to date on learning is critical to perform and Risk Advisory will support you in obtaining certification to improve professionally.

Why would you encourage graduates to consider Risk Advisory as a career?

I would encourage graduates to consider Risk Advisory and in particular our Cyber Risk team as the work is extremely rewarding and the culture that the department fosters allows you to succeed professionally. The Cyber Risk team work is some of the most interesting and exciting work, with team expertise including ethical hacking, cyber security and digital forensics.

There is scope within the team to gain experience and learning in a lot of different industries, using a lot of different tools/technologies solving a massive range of different cyber risk problems. The prevalence of ‘hacking’ and cyber security within the media and boardrooms around the world means the industry is only going to get bigger, with more exciting work to do. Since Dublin is a city with some of the biggest companies located in it, there are truly some exciting clients to work with.

What innovations are Risk Advisory utilising?

Within the Risk Advisory department we hold innovation sessions where the members of each service line in the department get together to discuss how we can use different ideas to improve work for our clients.

Each session may have a different topic of discussion, but the ideas that come from these sessions allow us to be more collaborative with colleagues from different services line and improve the service we deliver to our clients. The meetings allow us to hear issues different service lines are experiencing and how we can use innovative ideas to help solve the problem.


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Name: Conor Quinn

Position: Analyst

Department: Risk Advisory - Cyber Risk

College Attended: University College Dublin

Course Completed: BSc Computer Science, MSc Digital Investigation and Forensic Computing

Joined Deloitte: September 2015

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