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Why an internship in Audit & Assurance?

Daragh Campbell - Summer Intern in Audit & Assurance

Why Audit and Assurance?

The profession of accountancy offers graduates a diverse range of opportunities to apply their skills in any number of dynamic industries. In fact, accountants can be identified among the vast majority of modern industries, whether it be sports, entertainment or even forensics. For me however, the audit profession offers the most exciting prospects and some unpredictable challenges.

We now live in a society which is undergoing constant change where young professionals are being forced to adapt within their work environments in order to overcome the challenges of political uncertainty, technological evolution and regulatory change. Indeed, the future of audit itself is extremely unclear but should we really worry? For me, this unpredictability is nothing but exciting! Audit unlike many other industries, offers graduates the perfect opportunity to make a unique impact that will really matter in the future.

How much will I learn?

Personally, I’m attracted by most of the unique opportunities found within the audit profession. Indeed, the idea of being able to represent Deloitte while working with other multi-national organizations presents a real chance to develop specialized financial and industrial knowledge.

This idea of analyzing and reviewing different organizations business structures is an exciting prospect and one which facilitates auditors to learn more about organizations business processes and operations in general.

Perhaps the most appealing feature about Audit and Assurance is the continuously-changing work environment. Working with different people in different locations is a challenging but exciting idea and one which allows auditors to effectively develop their network of contacts while still being supported by the professional community within Deloitte.

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