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Why an internship in Corporate Finance?

Dylan Foley - Summer Intern in Corporate Finance

As a young person entering the work force, the thought of spending the next 40 odd years of your life in a job can be quite daunting. Trying to find the right career path is even more difficult, especially when nowadays there is so many options and job positions going.

When the opportunity arouse for me to have the chance at first-hand on the job experience in Deloitte for the summer, I felt it was a chance to not only help grow my CV, but a chance to really see what I wanted to do.

A career in Corporate Finance has always tempted me since the beginning of my secondary education. The opportunity to work with multi-national companies and advice and assess their financial position is not only a massive role, but one that I feel would be quite engaging and rewarding.

While I am less than a month into life at Deloitte, I have already got the chance to see recent merger projects and work on two ongoing projects. I have already discovered that ‘corporate finance’ is very much a general term, with M&A’s, MBOs, MIBs and restructuring all very much part of it. As a result of this, it is becoming clear to me that no two jobs are the same in Corporate Finance.

So far this internship has given me the opportunity to learn that Corporate Finance involves strong communication skills and offers the opportunity to work with a vast array of people not only clients, but also within the other departments of Deloitte.

While I do believe the other departments of Deloitte offer opportunity and reward, as a person who enjoys to be challenged and feel like I am making a difference, Corporate Finance so far has offered me that.

In a nutshell, if you’re a person who enjoys working with other people and enjoys a change of environment from project to project, Corporate Finance might be the one for you.

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