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What I believe “Success is…” at Deloitte

Éadair Dolan - Summer Intern in Consulting, Service Operations

I believe that success at Deloitte is more than just completing the Internship. A summer at Deloitte incorporates a variety of different aspects that will make you a well-rounded individual in both your professional and personal life.

First of all, I believe that in order to see success at the end of your Internship, it is important to set objectives for yourself at the beginning. Write down a list of key things that you want to achieve as a result of completing your Internship – either on paper or on your laptop or whichever way you prefer. The Appraisal System at Deloitte makes this process easier for you as your Appraiser will help you set appropriate objectives and more importantly, will get you on track in achieving them. Our Buddy’s are within easy reach daily and also help with the objective setting process by helping you with any queries or questions you may have, no matter how trivial they may seem. You can ask them anything and it is reassuring to know that they have walked in your shoes before.

Once the objectives are set, I believe it is a good idea to get involved in any sports or social events either out of interest or to put yourself out of you comfort zone. The Sports and Social members are very helpful at Deloitte and are keen to get people involved in their events. Keeping an eye out on my email for the next event really helps. All you have to do it just show up, get involved and make new friends.  There are also a variety of networking events available within your department, mine being Consulting -Strategy and Operations where you can get to know in depth what’s going on in your area and also be in a fun social setting – it’s a win-win.  By getting involved in various events across the company you are, I feel, contributing to your overall success as an Intern at Deloitte.

To add to this, another great method to contribute to your success as an Intern is the strong emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility at Deloitte. This is emphasised through Impact Day where every Intern at Deloitte is encouraged to get involved in charity work to contribute to an overall better society for everyone in it.  Deloitte and the Interns work with a wide range of charities in Ireland for an entire day. The work ranges from painting, cooking, gardening and cleaning horse stables to help make an impact. This aids in contributing to the success of an Intern because we have a chance to give back to society and to those who are less fortunate than us.

Achieving success during your Internship can be down to the small things such as gaining Time Management skills for example. I feel this internship has thought me how to be more efficient with my time and to allocate time to appropriate tasks. Gaining these skills happened almost naturally due to the environment I was placed in, particularly because it is so fast paced – it made me work under pressure and therefore put in situations where I had to allocate my time efficiently. I have also learned both hard and soft skills throughout my Internship from Excel and PowerPoint to communicating effectively and making valuable connections. Success to me means putting these skills into practice in my professional and personal life.

I feel to be able to work in a team models a successful Intern because the results achieved as a member of a team far outweigh those that are individual. This can be explained firstly through the project that I worked on as part of my internship. The team work in this project showed how tasks can be effectively divided up as part of a team and how people’s individual strengths can be used to achieve an overall result, goal or vision. Secondly, the Interns worked in teams as part of Impact Day and seeing the overall result that we created for society together made the achievement even more worthwhile. 


Team work teaches you how to reach out to people and to realise what their skills can offer to the outcome and also what you can contribute. It opens up the opportunity to learn new skills from others meanwhile working on your own.

Overall, success throughout my internship means a variety of different things starting from achieving valuable skills to learning how to work effectively in teams to doing things that are bigger than yourself. An internship at Deloitte is not just work, its coming out an overall better person due to taking advantage of everything Deloitte offers to an intern.

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