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Joining Deloitte from a Non-Business Background

Eva Ryan - Summer Intern in Tax Services, Limerick

As a STEM student, my knowledge of the tax system prior to my summer with Deloitte was limited to whatever snippets of information I heard on the news or saw on my payslips. I had always found the world of business fascinating, however, and was curious as to what a career in financial services would entail.

An internship with Deloitte seemed like an excellent opportunity to get a real insight into life at a Big Four firm, while also learning more about a particular area of business. I ultimately chose tax when filing out my application for the same reason I chose to study maths in college – the promise of challenging work with lots of problem solving.

I was quite nervous starting my internship, as I feared my inexperience in the area would be a huge disadvantage. Thankfully this was not the case at all, and I soon learned that Deloitte values people from all different backgrounds for their unique skills and perspectives. I arrived in Dublin for induction feeling like a bit of a fraud, but over the course of the three days I met numerous other interns from non-business disciplines, studying a variety of subjects as wide ranging as Physics and Ancient Greek!

Our induction training provided us with a flavour of what would be in store over the coming weeks, and by the time I was on the train home from the big smoke I was really looking forward to getting stuck into some taxation.

From my very first day working on the floor in the Limerick office I was struck by how incredibly welcoming and helpful everyone is, from the Co-op students right up to the Partner. There were no expectations about the level of tax knowledge we had coming into the internship, and everyone was happy to answer questions and explain new concepts. Each intern was also assigned a buddy specifically to help us navigate our first few weeks at Deloitte – which was a huge support to me as I found my feet in the world of tax.

Something that has really impressed me about Deloitte is how invested the company is in the development of its employees, even those of us initially only here for a 6 or 12 week period. The Summer Intern Skills for Life Programme is dedicated to providing interns with invaluable skills that will be of benefit to us throughout our careers, while the weekly Insight Sessions serve as a window into what happens in the other departments within the firm.

From the off I have been given interesting and varied work that allowed me to start building my understanding of the tax system straight away, and has ensured that my days are never boring or taxing (terrible pun intended).

During my internship so far I have certainly been pushed out of my comfort zone, but not in a way that makes me feel extremely uncomfortable. Rather than being overwhelmed by each new task, I feel empowered to tackle them and excited to expand my knowledge further. We are encouraged to think and find solutions for ourselves, but there’s always someone to consult with when you’re not sure. Every day is different and brings a new learning opportunity. I am also delighted to say that I haven’t abandoned my roots completely – the analytical skills I have developed while studying maths have proved very helpful when working in tax.

To conclude, this internship is a fantastic opportunity for any student to get a real feel for what it’s like to work in financial services within a Big Four firm. Regardless of academic background, any driven and enthusiastic individual with a desire to learn and make an impact has a lot to gain from (and hopefully a lot to contribute to) an internship with Deloitte.


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