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Our people: Fionnán Crimmins

Life as an Actuarial Graduate

When making the jump from university, I wanted a job that would afford me the opportunity to apply skills which I had learned through my degree to real world problems. Personally, the actuarial route wasn’t the obvious answer; I wasn’t very aware of the field or the work that most actuaries do.

I studied Financial Maths in the University of Limerick, and had previously completed an internship in a Private Credit firm. Whilst some aspects were very appealing, such as modelling and analysis, I would have preferred not to restrict my options to one specific field.

I then looked around at numerous companies and the graduate programmes on offer. I happened upon Deloitte’s Actuarial, Rewards and Analytics programme by chance, while looking at analytics roles in the Big 4. I hadn’t thought to look at the Big 4 for actuarial jobs, but it fell perfectly into place. The opportunity to gain experience in analytics and try my hand at actuarial sciences seemed a perfect blend of the statistics, programming and business knowledge I had built during my years in university. The fact that the actuarial team allows you to experience both the General insurance and Life sides of the sector were a huge draw for me, as at this stage I quite liked the idea of going through the actuarial exams but was very unfamiliar with the differences between the two.

Since joining I have been very fortunate to work on a wide range of projects. I have experienced Life, General Insurance, Data Analytics, Banking and Modelling work and liaising with management in public sector entities.

The variety of work and the level and expertise of those you work with, both within the team and without, have been invaluable at this early stage of a career.

Additionally, being able to see whole projects through at a high level from beginning to end, rather than being involved in a small part, is incredible this early on.

The work though is only one aspect of life at Deloitte. Aside from being a fast paced work environment, it is a fun environment, with a great collection of diverse, young professionals. As a team we participate in plenty of extra-curricular activities, such as team nights out, football, hiking and quizzes. Throughout Deloitte there is a strong emphasis on work-life balance. I can’t have asked for a better first year post-university, with great exposure to levels of a company that most 1st year workers can’t hope to get, and a great blend of fun. Needless to say, I cannot recommend the Actuarial, Rewards and Analytics programme enough.

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