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International Women’s Day 2018

Now is the time. More than ever before, there is a call to action to press forward to progress gender equality. For that reason, the theme for International Women’s Day 2018 is #PressforProgress. Everyone can play a part – so invite your friends, colleagues and community to join us and work to close the gender gap. Together we can make a difference.

International Women's Day 2018 - #pressforprogress

International Women’s Day 2018

Deloitte will be embracing the successes of all the women in the firm this year in line with the global theme of #pressforprogress. For our celebration event on 8 March, we will welcome Judith Gilsenan, Head of Fundraising and Marketing for Debra Ireland to hear more about the work of this wonderful charity. DEBRA Ireland is a national Irish charity, established to provide support services to patients and families living with the debilitating skin condition epidermolysis bullosa (EB)

Two of our female partners – Valarie Daunt and Eimear McCarthy will travel to the Arctic in March with 18 other women to trek through this harsh and unknown environment for 5 days to honour the mothers of children who suffer from EB. The mothers of these children are usually the main care-givers of this torturous condition and for this reason, the expedition will be a female only one.

We will also have a panel of inspiring Deloitte women on the day, who are all doing amazing things in addition to their Deloitte roles, including representing Northern Ireland at the Commonwealth Games next month, co-founding an app for buying and selling pre loved clothes, directing theatre groups and completing a charity cycle in memory of a female colleagues who loved to cycle!

We look forward to welcoming Debra Ireland and listening to inspirational stories from the women in our firm.

Women in Leadership

Advancing women at all levels is a business priority for Deloitte. We are taking a number of positive actions to ensure that women are able to fulfil their potential and career goals and are very encouraged by the results we are seeing, with a significant increase in female representation at partner and director level over the last 5 years. We see a strong pipeline of female talent in Deloitte and will continue to work to attract, develop and promote our talent.

Read Lorraine Girffins, Tax Partner story here about gender balance in Deloitte. 

Learn more about some of our initiatives below:

Agile Working

Deloitte is committed to developing working practices through a combination of formal and informal arrangements, that support agility in terms of where, when and how we work.

With the right consideration given to individual needs, those of the team and the nature of the work, we try to provide a platform for our people to consider a blend of day to day actions and formal options, which help them to manage the balance between demanding personal and professional priorities.

Read Ciara O'Brien's story and how she makes agile working work for her.

Return to Work Programme 

The programme has a key aim of helping women transition back into the workplace who have taken a break or returning after maternity leave. Participants are provided with tailored support and coaching to help them to readjust back into the world of work in professional services.

Torunn Dahl, Senior Manager in Talent:

Our Return to Work programme is just one of the ways in which we are focused on ensuring that we provide a working environment where women can thrive at all stages of their career. As a firm, we also believe that enabling women to re-enter the workplace plays an important role in ensuring that we are a diverse organisation.

Deloitte Unplugged

Deloitte Unplugged is the firm’s newly launched wellbeing initiative. We recognise the importance of positive well-being and the ability to achieve career-life and have a number of supports in place to help you manage your life and reward you for been part of a world class team. The programme focuses on reminding our people to refuel both physically and mentally and change the mind-set that we have to be ‘plugged in’ all of the time. 


Supporting #pressforprogress

Join our celebration by tweeting, posting, or otherwise sharing what gender equality means to you using the hashtags #PressforProgress #IWD2018.

Not sure what to write? See below for a few suggestions on how you can Press for Progress!
• I commit to #PressforProgress by questioning any lack of women's participation.
• I commit to #PressforProgress and will nominate women for opportunities.
• I commit to #PressforProgress and will campaign for equality in meaningful ways.
• I commit to #PressforProgress by celebrating women role models and their journeys.

We have created a short film to help everyone at Deloitte think about their personal responsibility to treat people with respect.

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