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How Interns can make a difference at Deloitte

Jack O'Brien, Summer Intern in Audit & Assurance

Having been lucky enough to be offered the Deloitte Summer Internship, we have the opportunity to put our own fingerprint on something that can make a difference to the success and development of Deloitte as a firm. There are many ways in which an intern can do this effectively on a daily basis.

Firstly, interns can contribute to creating a positive working environment, which is vital to the firm. Interns can do this by having an enthusiastic, friendly attitude towards their co-workers to build a good team atmosphere within the firm. When assigned a task, it is imperative to complete it in a neat, easily understandable fashion to make life as easy as possible for the person who assigned you the task, no matter what the job. This can help you build a good rapport with your colleagues and will leave a lasting impression, as they know they can rely on you to complete a task efficiently and in a timely manner. A positive working environment can provide many benefits to the organisation including increased employee productivity, which will ultimately result in both higher profitability and customer satisfaction, which are the primary objectives of any firm. This just shows how vital the role of an intern can be, and if the correct attitude is adopted there’s no reason why they can’t make an impact on the firm.

Similarly, it is so important that interns constantly stay busy. Upon completing a task, interns should show some initiative and ask if there’s any more they can do and shouldn’t be waiting for work to come to them. There will always be work available so any job you can do will lessen the workload on another person which is always a huge help and is greatly appreciated. This will enable your buddy to complete a more complex task, saving them invaluable time and energy.

An intern can make a significant impact by asking questions when they don’t understand a certain task or assignment properly.

If an assignment is unclear, always ask your buddy for a clearer, more concise explanation of the task. It is always better to ask a question when you cannot understand something rather than completing the task incorrectly and having to do it all over again. Also, this shows that you are thinking critically about the task from the start which will leave a very good impression on your supervisor.

Finally, an intern can make a massive impact on Deloitte by interacting with as much colleagues as possible. An intern at Deloitte is always assigned an individual each week with whom they will be working with. However, at some point, this person will not have any work for you to do. At this moment, interns should ask other colleagues for extra work which will make a big impact as there is always someone who can give you something to do. Never stay idle! This will also leave a lasting impression on your colleagues as it shows the innovative side to your personality and will contribute greatly to creating a healthy, positive atmosphere in the workplace.

Our primary objective as interns is to leave a lasting impression on the people we work with over the course of the journey. We don’t want to be remembered as just another intern or forgotten about completely. By sticking to these guidelines there’s no reason why, as interns, we can’t leave our own mark, big or small on the organisation.

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