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Juliana Cortegiano, Analyst in Risk Advisory

What I like most about my role?

What I like most about my role is that it is not related to one specific service line. I can be part of different types of projects, through which I can learn from different people and jobs. Then, looking forward, I will have enough knowledge to aim for the service line I'd like to work with the most.

What attracted me to Deloitte?

What attracted me most is that Deloitte supports equality, no matter the nationality or gender. Also, a great choice for whoever is willing to have a positive impact on their career. All the big opportunities are there, ready to be taken.

What I didn’t know but wish I knew before joining!

Do not be afraid to expose your opinion. On a day-to-day basis, we are involved in discussions regarding processes, strategies, risks, trends, decision-making, etc. It is a very positive attitude to show you are eager to participate in and contribute to the success of the company, and the job itself. Gradually, it exposes you in the company showing your potential.

My day-to-day role

My day-to-day work requires discipline, responsibility, and frequent learning. Each client brings us a different perspective, which does bring new challenges, but also knowledge and new achievements.

What else I have been involved with since joining?

Since I joined Deloitte, I have been involved in technical skill trainings, where I could learn more about the tools used by the company. I was also part of Impact Day, a very special day which Deloitte dedicates to volunteer work.

Deloitte’s role in my longer term career goals

Since my first months, Deloitte has shown me that I am able to grow and improve my knowledge every day. Deloitte has a defined a very achievable career plan, where we are able to grow, and become leaders. Moreover, feedback related to each job is frequent, which leads me to achieve my goals.

What I have enjoyed most?

What I have enjoyed most until now was the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals who have worked at Deloitte for many years. As a result, I'm positive that, in the future, I will be fully capable to pass my knowledge on to new talents.

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