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Our people: Katherine Cancelado

Senior Consultant in Risk Advisory – Cyber Risk

Why did you choose Deloitte and in particular, Risk Advisory?

I joined Deloitte as an experienced hire and chose them because of their equality, respect, inclusion and diversity strategies as well as their work life balance program. In my case, and after working for several companies (including another Big 4), I was seeking new challenges and an opportunity to build a career. Moreover, I wanted to broaden my skillset and gain exposure to the people side of business. As a consultant in Deloitte I believe I gain that exposure every day.

I chose Risk Advisory, in particular Cyber Risk Services because of its technical and cyber security capabilities. I also did some research in to people who work in the Cyber Risk Services department and believed that they would be able to help me both broaden and improve my skills. 

Describe your day-to-day role in Risk Advisory

I work in the Ethical Hacking team and my day-to-day tasks vary between the more technical side of the business and training our team. With information moving towards a technology driven world, the role of ethical hacking is becoming vastly more important. The increase in the adoption of new and innovative technologies requires me to be constantly learning, this is why part of my days are also filled with self-learning opportunities and shared challenges.

What further learning opportunities are available to you now in Risk Advisory?

Deloitte have offered me access to a number of different accreditations and the opportunity to participate in cyber security events. We also have a Deloitte Global community of security professionals that collaborate. Since I joined Deloitte I have accredited myself as a System Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP), participated in Women Techmaker Belfast, OWASP Women in AppSec and attended an (ISC)2 workshop and OWASP AppSec USA conference.

Deloitte knows their people are an advertisement of their brand and quality, as such so are our accreditations, workshops and knowledge. As a result the firm constantly encourages us to study, “skill up” and grow professionally and personally in as many ways as we can. I would say, there are plenty of opportunities available for us, and the future looks very bright.

Why would you encourage graduates to consider Risk Advisory as a career?

I would encourage graduates to consider a career in Risk Advisory, particularly within Cyber Risk.

Cyber security is already embedded into most facets of our daily lives. It will unquestionably continue to become ubiquitous in many, if not all aspects of technology. This has far-reaching implications for Ethical Hacking, Digital Forensics and Information Security service providers, as well as our clients and individuals.

If you were to consider a career in Risk Advisory, simply put, you would be joining one of the most important, exciting, in-demand and hands-on fields no matter your specialty.

What innovations are Risk Advisory utilising?

Within Risk Advisory we are constantly improving and automating our internal processes, which allows us to better leverage our time and allow us to spend it researching and performing manual testing. We also attend conferences and have our own study groups and learning sessions, in which every single member of the team can share their knowledge, experience, tips and tricks.


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Name: Katherine Cancelado

Position: Senior Consultant

Department: Risk Advisory - Cyber Risk

College Attended: Pontificia Bolivariana University, Colombia and Rioja University, Spain

Course Completed: BSc Engineering in Computer Science and a MSc in Cyber Security

Joined Deloitte: November 2017

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