Kick-starting your career in Risk Advisory

Darragh Mc Mahon - Analyst in Risk Advisory, Cork

"One thing that stood out was the quality of the graduate recruitment campaign in particular career progression"

Can you tell us about the Risk Advisory service line of Deloitte?

Within the Risk Advisory service line of Deloitte, we partner with clients across a range of industries in the provision of services which help address areas of risk and uncertainty in the modern enterprise environment in both an assurance and consulting capacity. We have many service offerings which you can find online by visiting the Deloitte website. I originally applied for a role in the area of Technology Risk & Assurance which was based in our Cork office. We also have offices in Limerick, Galway, Belfast, and Dublin which offer very similar opportunities.

What does your day to day job entail?

What’s great about my job is that no two days are the same, which makes Deloitte a very interesting place to work. Each client that we work with is different, which means each project is different in its own way. This week for example I worked with one of the Risk Advisory Partners on an upcoming business contract, then I flew to Prague to complete a training course. Next week I’ll be visiting a client site in Cork for a few days with another member of my team in a job related to information security. As you can see, there’s a wide variety of work that I’m involved in which are all related to my role

A brief summary of how you became interested in a career in Risk Advisory

I studied Business Information Systems in UCC as I was interested in learning about how technology integrates into business in general, so naturally the topic of technology risk and assurance greatly interested me given the level of media coverage that has grown throughout the years in topics such as fraud, information security and cyber-attacks. All in all it’s a unique career opportunity which a lot of companies out there are not currently offering graduates.

What advice would you have for other students and graduates seeking to pursue a similar career path as yours?

Utilise the resources available to you such online research, making a LinkedIn account, and talking to as many people as you can to paint a better picture of the ideal job that you want to be in based on the experiences of others, as well as what you’re personally interested in. There are a huge variety of on-campus graduate recruitment events in every 3rd level institute each year for example where you can meet hundreds of employees of different companies.

How did you find your Deloitte interview, any tips?

I was invited to the Cork office for an interview with two managers in Risk Advisory who were very friendly. I was asked about my past experience and to explain my understanding of the Risk Advisory service line of Deloitte. The interviewers understand that you have limited experiences to draw on since you’re only in the process of finishing your degree, so they will be quite fair in what they ask you about. The best advice is to be yourself and draw from your own experiences rather than attempt to learn answers off by heart - if you can talk about your previous employment experience, your course experience, and why you’re interested in a career with Deloitte, then you should tick most of the boxes!

Finally, I’d advise that you ask your interviewers some questions. It’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do in an interview situation as it will demonstrate how engaged you are with your job application to Deloitte, as well as providing you with an insight into the background of your interviewers. For example in my interview I discovered that one of my interviewers did the exact same course as me in university and had similar work experience to me at a graduate level – and chances are that your interviewers will have a lot of relatable factors also.

Two reasons which drew you to choose a career in Deloitte?

Quality of Graduate Recruitment Programme
One thing that stood out to me was the quality of the graduate recruitment campaign which highlighted areas which were important to me, such career progression. In Deloitte for example, the graduate recruitment campaign informed me where I would be in 3, 5, even 10 years’ time in my career with Deloitte if I joined. Being a career focussed person this is something that got my attention instantly. I noticed that out of all the other popular multinationals who were hiring, not many could provide me with much insight as to where I would be in the future with them. The Deloitte employees that I encountered during each stage of my application was very friendly and welcoming which sent off a positive vibe of the company to me also. Now that I’m a Deloitte employee, I know first-hand that there is a strong culture of encouraging learning and development between each other to help everyone learn from their colleagues developing their skills. In summary, what I experienced wasn’t just an act to get graduates to sign up - it was a recruitment campaign which sold a lot of genuine parts of what it’s like to be part of the company

Reputation for Training & Development
I was aware that Deloitte are regular winners of many graduate recruitment awards, and that they are world renowned for the level of top class training and support that you’re provided with when you join. These were comforting factors which sent off a good impression of the company which not many other companies could match. I wouldn’t have been able to settle into my role if it wasn’t for the structured training and support given to me by the other members of Risk Advisory when I joined – it’s a fantastic environment for training and development. I’m also studying to become professionally certified in specific areas of IT which are funded by Deloitte, such as the “CISA” qualification - all of which are highly sought after in the industry.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years in Deloitte?

Given the appealing promotion structure in Deloitte it’s highly likely that I’ll reach my goal of being in a management position within 5 years. Every few months I meet with management to discuss smaller goals that I should meet throughout the year to ensure that I’m on track, as well as reviewing my performance from the previous few months. This is a beneficial process, as it ensures that my skillset is constantly strengthening. Performance reviews are treated with high importance across Deloitte, as we have to ensure that our skillsets stay sharp to ensure that we’re at the top of our game for our clients.

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