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Maedhbh O'Driscoll, Senior in Financial Advisory

What drew you to Deloitte when you were seeking a Graduate Programme?

I did a masters in Corporate Finance and knew that I was interested in pursuing a career in this field. I went to the usual milk rounds and talks by the large firms held in my university and Deloitte really stood out as everyone who spoke at these talks was very enthusiastic about their job. They were all very approachable and friendly so I felt that I could ask questions at the stands at the grad fairs and they were all positive about their time in Deloitte. I also had a few friends who were already working in Deloitte and I spoke to them to get an insight into the Graduate Programme and it seemed like a very well organised, structured programme which was going to help me get my professional qualification and allow me learn and develop along the way.

What expectations did you have before you began the programme?

I was not sure what to expect going into the programme. I remember I was very nervous starting and was not sure how it was going to progress. I expected that it would be quite formal, serious and a little intense but the first week was quite relaxed with an introduction week helping you learn about the Deloitte culture, getting to know your fellow trainees and learning about the norms of a professional working environment which really helped settle the nerves. Overall, the programme is very well structured with a lot of support provided, especially in terms of exam preparation.

What were your first impressions and how easy did you find it to become integrated?

My first impressions of Deloitte were all very positive. It had been said to me before I joined that Deloitte had a large focus on people. This became very evident from the very first week of joining Deloitte and for the entire time I have been here. Everyone is very friendly and helpful and it creates a very positive working environment. You get assigned a buddy in the first week who works in your department and is usually one level above you. This really facilitates the process of settling in as you can go to them about any small queries or worries you might have. All my team are lovely and are always encouraging me to ask them any questions I may have and are always willing to go out of their way to help.

Did the scope of your work change as the programme progressed?

At the beginning of the programme, I was given time to settle in and understand what exactly it is that my department does through helping out the team on smaller parts of an engagement or assignment. As I have become more settled and familiar with the work, I have been getting greater responsibility and the scope of my work has increased over the time that I’ve been here. It has been great from a learning perspective as I’m constantly learning as every task is different. I feel my team have been aware of my progression and make every effort to get me working on new tasks and trying to help me improve my knowledge and skills and allow me work on different projects to get the necessary experience and encouraging me to take on more responsibility.  

Can you describe a typical day in your role?

A typical day is quite hard to describe in Corporate Finance because the tasks are quite varied so it depends on what project / assignment you are working on. This provides the opportunity to get some really varied experience and helped broaden my skills. Some days, I am helping put together a proposal on a particular company or I could be carrying out research on a particular industry for my manger or helping research potential target companies in an industry on behalf of a client that is looking to acquire a company. At other times I could be working on a due diligence report which involves analysing a company’s financials in great detail and helping pull together tables in excel, analysing the data and helping write the analysis on the figures. It is a very diverse, busy and varied role that has given me the opportunity to work on many different engagements and tasks in the short time that I have been here.

What about life outside of work?

Deloitte offers loads of different activities after work such as golf, tennis, tag rugby to name a few and encourage you to get involved and try help maintain a healthy work life balance. There is plenty of opportunity to get involved in a huge array of activities and helps create a social aspect to work as well. In general, Dublin is a lovely city to live in with lots happening at the weekends.

Why should someone apply to the Deloitte Graduate programme?

Deloitte is a really great place to work. The atmosphere in the firm is positive, friendly and everyone is helpful. It can be daunting starting in a new job but Deloitte make a huge effort to welcome and integrate the newcomers and everyone is very approachable. It also allows you the opportunity to work with some very talented, smart people who are genuinely interested in your development. Thus, you are constantly learning and progressing as a professional, helping develop your career and expanding your knowledge.

Tell us something surprising that we did not know about you.

I spent a year in Toronto working abroad for a year before joining the Deloitte graduate programme!

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