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244,400 professionals, unified by a collaborative culture

Our professionals from all over the world are unified by a collaborative culture that fosters integrity, outstanding value to markets and clients, commitment to each other, and strength from diversity. Meet some of our colleagues on how their career journey took them to Deloitte and what they love about working in Ireland.

Ciara O'Brien, Senior Manager, Consulting

I had previously worked with Deloitte Ireland for 9 years and had developed strong relationships with the senior leaders. Deloitte offered flexible working hours which was important to me with my growing family. Everyone has been so welcoming upon my return and despite having grown significantly in size we still have an amazing people culture Read More


Lucia Navaza, Senior Manager, Technology Consulting

I knew Ireland was a great country for technology companies. I had just finished my degree in engineering and computer science, so I was hoping I could get some international experience in the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Europe. I find the Irish very welcoming and kind, and always ready to laugh. Also, I can’t leave out the opportunities that Ireland can offer in terms of work, primarily in the technology space Read More

Varun Arora, Assistant Manager, Risk Advisory

This is my second Deloitte office and there are a bit of differences when you go from office in one country to another but even with that the firm is very well connected globally. Your hard work and performance is recognised and there are many opportunities available for you in terms of learning, career growth and building skill sets Read more


Laura Mc Coy, Director in Corporate Finance

I had great exposure doing deals in the London Corporate Finance Market which is one of the most active in the world. The fun bit is now bringing that experience back to Ireland which has a newly developing appetite for private equity, and adapting my international experience for my new role in M&A Advisory Read More

Ross O'Donovan, Assistant Manager in Corporate Finance, Cork

The most enjoyable aspect of being back in Ireland is the opportunity to experience a real quality of life amongst family and friends while also being involved in some very interesting engagements. The recent uplift in domestic economic activity, despite the uncertainty of Brexit, has been very encouraging and results in a very demanding yet rewarding working environment. That said, people are very much encouraged to enjoy some down time outside of work to maintain that real work life balance Read more

Ailbhe Donnellan, Manager in Tax

In GES we deal with international tax issues. I have been able to contribute my time working in London gaining UK tax knowledge to advise clients here moving between Ireland and the UK. I also worked with a number of global clients in London and can continue to work on these clients in Ireland and build on distinctive client relationships. I like taking part in business development and recruitment, being involved in networks such as the Women's Initiative and volunteering for the various programmes available as part the Corporate Responsibility agenda Read more

Charles Warriner, Manager, Technology Consultancy

Being new to Deloitte, everything is different and new. I have been impressed by how rapidly we are growing and the goals we have set for ourselves. I find the initiative around the analyst intake amazing. I have never worked for an organization that works so hard to grow their employees. After being here for a few months you really understand that the Deloitte brand is about performance, reputation and taking care of our employees Read more

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Why Ireland?

The country has one of the highest standards of living in Europe and thanks to its geographical location and the fact that English is one of Ireland's official languages an impressive number of multinational companies have their head offices on the Emerald Isle, providing a wealth of opportunities.

With a population of 4.6 million, which is also one of the youngest in Europe, aspiring professionals will feel right at home. With our workforce comprising a mix of both Irish and international workers, there are several reasons why many choose to relocate to live and work in Ireland. Our country is known for its relaxed way of life and a variety of beautiful landscapes. Outdoor activities feature prominently in Irish culture, with beaches, mountain ranges, gardens and green fields scattered across the country.

Our cities are also deemed to be some of the most liveable in the world, partly due to the stable economy, world class education and some of the world’s best working conditions. The social environment reflects the Irish lifestyle, with a heavy focus on sport, arts, music and fashion.

Importantly Ireland welcomes diversity and inclusion, with numerous languages spoken and the existence of a large variety of cultural communities.

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