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What do the millennials look for in the perfect employer?

Mary Hartnett - Summer Intern in Audit and Assurance

Millennials are tech savvy, yet we value face to face communication. We are entrepreneurial, but also put an emphasis on our technical skills. We value freedom and flexibility, but also look to secure stability. Taking the varied aspects of millennials characteristics into consideration – what do we look for in the perfect employer?

Millennials are creating a change in how work is done as they look to work in teams and use technology in all aspects of work life. They are early developers and adopters of technology, however in spite of this tech revolution, millennials crave in-person and face to face collaboration. Millennials will look for an employer who prioritises face to face meetings and communication over IMs, emails and calls. Employers who also emphasise the need for communication will also prove popular, as millennials have cited ‘communication’ as the most important quality of a leader.

Millennials are independent, and value flexibility over any other work benefit according to a Randstad survey. Combining this with millennial’s entrepreneurial spirit can be a winning combination, if managed correctly. Employers need to provide structure to millennials, without enforcing control. Guidance and support will be valued by millennials. On one level, creativity will enhance the millennial entrepreneurial spirit, whilst a solid structure will increase stability for millennials.

Work-life balance is also of huge importance to millennials. Employers can tie this in with freedom and flexibility, by providing changeable start and finish times as well as flexible holiday times. Whilst millennials are driven by profit and salary, in keeping with their valuation of face to face communication, spending time with family and friends is hugely important. They look for an employer who recognises this and puts practices and policies in place to support it.

Corporate responsibility, and the impact a firm has on its surroundings is also ranked highly in terms of importance to millennial employee. Millennials want to work for an employer whose values align up with their own. In particular, environment responsibility is valued by millennials. Environmental sustainability is a rising priority and millennials tend to favour employers with strong environmental sustainability practices.


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