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Our people: Meena Khatri

Life as an Audit Graduate

Quick facts

Current Role: Associate, Financial Services Audit

Service Line: Audit & Assurance

Name of Degree(s):

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance from Maynooth University 

Master’s degree in Accounting from UCD Michael Smurfit Business
School (2017)

What attracted you to your current role?

I have always had a keen interest in accounting, which I initially developed by studying accounting for the leaving certificate.

During college, I took part in the summer internship programme at Deloitte’s audit department, more specifically in the financial services team. This was my first introduction to the working world. I thoroughly enjoyed the internship and gained an insight into Deloitte’s diverse range of industries and clients. I chose to return after I finished college due to this positive experience and how friendly and approachable everyone was. I have been in Deloitte for three years now and my opinion has remained unchanged.


What did you find most challenging about the working world, or the transition from education to the working world?

One of the biggest challenges that I initially faced was managing my time efficiently, to produce high-quality audit work and meet client deadlines. There is a steep learning curve involved. However, because of the friendly environment and the guidance from colleagues, I have been able to enhance this skill during the period of my contract.

Another challenge that I faced as a new graduate when transitioning into the working world is settling into a completely new environment with new people. Fortunately, at Deloitte, there are many opportunities to network with individuals in your year-group and team, as well as within the wider Deloitte group.


Do you have any mentors? If so, what is their value to you?

At Deloitte, each individual gets assigned a mentor to guide them throughout the period of their contract, in my case a director from the financial services team. The role of a mentor is to advise you on how to perform at your best. We have frequent meetings with our mentors to discuss any questions we have or issues we are facing. My mentor has provided me with both professional and life advice that I will carry with me over the years. Having a mentor has made the transition from education to the workplace far more smooth and enjoyable.


What is the most valuable thing you have learned since you have joined the workforce?

I have learned the importance of communicating effectively while working in a team and developing my project management skills. By working with a range of different clients and teams of various sizes, as well as interacting with senior management, I’ve had the opportunity to enhance these skills, which has played a big role in my career progression.

Another key lesson that resonates with me is raising your hand if you would like to get involved in other activities or different projects. For example, I had an interest to explore the aircraft leasing industry as I predominately worked in the life insurance industry during my contract. By communicating this interest to my mentor, I was able to gain experience within the aircraft leasing department.

What is one piece of advice you would offer new graduates?

One piece of advice I would offer to new graduates is to be well-informed about the company you’re potentially joining and its key activities before you get to the interview stage. Being able to speak about the services the company offers shows that you are keen to join and have done your research.

Additionally, I would advise new graduates to enjoy the experience as much as possible by networking and taking part in various activities. At Deloitte, there are a number of events that take part during the year which range from charity fundraisers to volunteering in Africa. There is a lot of helpful information about Deloitte, its people and its services on the Deloitte website.


How has Covid-19 affected you/your working life?

Covid-19 has had a mixed impact on my working life. On one hand, I get back almost two hours of commuting time every day. On the other hand, adjusting to working from home was initially a bit difficult. It was challenging to communicate with colleagues and to adapt to new ways of working. However, to combat this, we have had more frequent calls and catch-ups with our teams to ensure everyone is getting on okay with work and in their personal life.

Given that our home has become our new office and may continue to be for the next while, another challenge is maintaining a good work-life balance. I ensure I am taking regular breaks throughout the day and that I am taking advantage of the commuting time I am saving. Additionally, thanks to the opportunity to avail of flexible working hours, I am enjoying a more balanced working life.

While I have adopted the new way of working and have had a smooth transition thanks to the technology and other resources available at Deloitte, I do look forward to returning to the office some of the time and having the combined benefits of both the office and remote working arrangements.

"I have learned the importance of communicating effectively while working in a team and developing my project management skills, and raising your hand if you would like to get involved in other activities or different projects."

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