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Want to know what it's really like to spend a summer at Deloitte? Meet our interns to reveal how Deloitte supports them both personally and professionally.

What does an inclusive workplace look like?

Sarah Courtney, Summer Intern in Tax & Legal

Inclusive” means to consider all relevant things and in this case, people. At Deloitte inclusiveness is expected and delivered in the workplace. On a broad level, an inclusive workplace has people of all genders, religions and ethnic backgrounds in their office, but on a personal level, to me it was feeling immersed in challenging work from the beginning of my time here and welcomed by all of my colleagues. Read Sarah's article 'What does an inclusive workplace look like?'

Why work in a 'Big Four' Firm?

Caoimhe O'Fearghail - Global Business Student, DCU.

“Make an impact that matters” is the philosophy that Deloitte wants its employees to aspire to in both their working lives and life in general. It is the ethos at the core of all work carried out at the Firm. Now as my time here at this global powerhouse draws to a close I find myself reminiscing on how Deloitte empowered me to “make an impact that matters”. Read Caoimhe's story on 'Why work in a 'Big Four' Firm?'

An Intern's Perspective

Nathan Huggins, Summer Intern in Consulting Technology

My expectations going into Deloitte were that I would spend a lot of my time shadowing the team. I suppose there’s always the fear as an intern that you end up pushing paper or making the coffees! It’s safe to say that at Deloitte this is not what interns do. Instead, what I was pleasantly surprised to discover on day one was a healthy stream of projects and real work my team had lined up for me for the duration of my internship. Read Nathan's story on 'An Intern's Perspective'.

How an intern can make a difference

Jack O' Grady, Summer Intern in Audit

How an Intern can make a difference
There are numerous ways an intern can make a difference at Deloitte. By adopting the correct mind-set from the offset interns can start making a huge difference from day one. There is always someone in the office who would really appreciate your help and assistance. Actively search for work colleagues who you could be of assistance to and offer to help them complete their tasks. Read Jack's article on 'How an intern can make a difference'.

From Botany to Business: My experience interning at Deloitte

David Madden, Intern in Consulting

Even before I chose to study botany in college I always had a niggling feeling that I wanted to learn more about business.  Studying science was a great choice and I had incredible mentors, but I wanted to see if I could apply the skills I learned outside the lab. Choosing to pursue a consulting internship at Deloitte was the best way to see what was growing in both gardens (pun intended). Read David's article, 'From Botany to Business'.

A Career in Tax

Emma Costigan, Co-operative Student, Tax

In September of third year I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Deloitte for an interview for co-op placement. Of all the big 4 companies, Deloitte was definitely the company which I was most eager to gain experience in. Not only is Deloitte one of the leading accountancy firms in the world, it is also Ireland’s number one graduate recruiter. Combined with an impressive list of award titles and the emphasis that is placed on workplace initiatives, I knew Deloitte was the firm I wanted to work for. Read Emma's story on 'A Career in Tax'.

Academics Vs Experience

Francis O'Reilly, Summer Intern in Tax

My first week here has been exhilarating. I’ve worked in office environments before, but not in one as exciting as this one. The work that has been delegated to me has been empowering. The level of responsibility has made me feel as a valued member of the Corporate Tax team. Read Francis' article on 'Academics Vs Experience'.

A Day in the Life

Shane Fenton, Summer Intern in Audit & Assurance

I know this is not what your typical week would have instore for you but it gives you an understanding of the lengths Deloitte go through in order to train and develop everybody’s skill sets even during a short internship such as six weeks. Read Shane's story on 'A Day in the Life'.

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