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Meet our Interns

Want to know what it's really like to spend a summer at Deloitte? Meet our interns to reveal how Deloitte supports them both personally and professionally.

Why Deloitte?

Laura Candon - Summer Intern in Audit and Assurance

The biggest part of my answer to the question “Why Deloitte?” lies in attitude of employees. At every level of the organisation employees have a positive attitude of can do and willing to help. Read Laura's blog on why she chose an internship at Deloitte. 

Top tips for interview

Chloe Kearns - Summer intern in Audit and Assurance, Galway

Remember, this is more than likely the first interview you will do for a professional job. The interviewer knows this and is certainly not expecting you to be perfect. All they want you to show them is who you are and why you are right for the position and the firm. Read Chloe's top interview tips. 

What does an inclusive workplace look like?

Romy Ronan - Summer Intern in Risk Advisory, Regulatory Risk

I think it’s the culture of inclusion, which is so eminent and palpable here at Deloitte, which ultimately sets the tone for such an engaging working environment. Hear from Risk Advisory Intern, Romy Ronan on 'What an inclusive workplace looks like'. 

Why work in a 'Big Four' Firm?

Caoimhe O'Fearghail - Global Business Student, DCU.

“Make an impact that matters” is the philosophy that Deloitte wants its employees to aspire to in both their working lives and life in general. It is the ethos at the core of all work carried out at the Firm. Now as my time here at this global powerhouse draws to a close I find myself reminiscing on how Deloitte empowered me to “make an impact that matters”. Read Caoimhe's story on 'Why work in a 'Big Four' Firm?'

Why a career in Audit and Assurance?

Daragh Campbell - Summer Intern in Audit and Assurance

This idea of analyzing and reviewing different organizations business structures is an exciting prospect and one which facilitates auditors to learn more about organizations business processes and operations in general. Read Daragh's blog on 'Why a career in Audit and Assurance?'.

Why a career in Risk Advisory?

Michael Heaphy - Summer Intern in Risk Advisory, Internal Audit

The work assigned to me is real, relevant work which gives me a sense of empowerment. I’m a far cry from the stereotypical intern doing the morning coffee run! This is imperative to me as I wanted a chance to test myself and also a chance to impress. I’m being given a real taste of what it’s like to work in a Big Four firm. Read more about Michael's experience through his blog on 'Why a career in Risk Advisory?'. 

Why I chose an internship in Tax

Aisling O’Kennedy - Summer Intern in Corporate Tax

The subject of tax itself is extremely topical, and it affects everybody at all stages in their lives, be it directly and indirectly. I like to be kept on my toes, and this is why I love the variety a career in tax offers. Read more about why Aisling chose to kick-start her career through an internship in Tax. 

Why a career in Corporate Finance?

Dylan Foley - Summer Intern in Corporate Finance

So far this internship has given me the opportunity to learn that Corporate Finance involves strong communication skills and offers the opportunity to work with a vast array of people not only clients, but also within the other departments of Deloitte. Read Dylan's article on 'Why a career in Corporate Finance?'.

What I believe “Success is…” at Deloitte

Éadair Dolan - Summer Intern in Consulting, Service Operations

Team work teaches you how to reach out to people and to realise what their skills can offer to the outcome and also what you can contribute. It opens up the opportunity to learn new skills from others meanwhile working on your own. Read Éadair's blog on what she believes 'Success is...' at Deloitte. 

An Intern's Perspective

Nathan Huggins, Summer Intern in Consulting Technology

My expectations going into Deloitte were that I would spend a lot of my time shadowing the team. I suppose there’s always the fear as an intern that you end up pushing paper or making the coffees! It’s safe to say that at Deloitte this is not what interns do. Instead, what I was pleasantly surprised to discover on day one was a healthy stream of projects and real work my team had lined up for me for the duration of my internship. Read Nathan's story on 'An Intern's Perspective'.

How an intern can make a difference

Jack O' Grady, Summer Intern in Audit

How an Intern can make a difference
There are numerous ways an intern can make a difference at Deloitte. By adopting the correct mind-set from the offset interns can start making a huge difference from day one. There is always someone in the office who would really appreciate your help and assistance. Actively search for work colleagues who you could be of assistance to and offer to help them complete their tasks. Read Jack's article on 'How an intern can make a difference'.

From Botany to Business: My experience interning at Deloitte

David Madden, Intern in Consulting

Even before I chose to study botany in college I always had a niggling feeling that I wanted to learn more about business.  Studying science was a great choice and I had incredible mentors, but I wanted to see if I could apply the skills I learned outside the lab. Choosing to pursue a consulting internship at Deloitte was the best way to see what was growing in both gardens (pun intended). Read David's article, 'From Botany to Business'.

Academics vs Experience - An interns perspective

Brian Cronin, Summer Intern in Tax - Global Employer Services, Cork

It’s important not to forget those for whom the third-level education system does not serve - people, for instance, whose skills and learning methods are not catered for by our education system. While for some people, the academic and employment worlds balance harmoniously, I think it’s important to realise that for others the value of experience, and especially learning through this experience, is weighted far greater. Read Brian's blog on 'Academics VS Experience, an interns perspective'. 

A Day in the Life

Shane Fenton, Summer Intern in Audit & Assurance

I know this is not what your typical week would have instore for you but it gives you an understanding of the lengths Deloitte go through in order to train and develop everybody’s skill sets even during a short internship such as six weeks. Read Shane's story on 'A Day in the Life'.

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