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Nathan Huggins, Summer Intern in Consulting Technology

With this Internship Programme are you now working in the industry of your choice?

Absolutely, technology consulting is highly topical right now with advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Being at the cutting edge of this industry is incredibly exciting and a real privilege.

What drew you to Deloitte when you were seeking an Internship Programme?

What initially attracted me to Deloitte was the reputation it has built worldwide. To get an insight into the largest consulting firm in the world and see first-hand the practices that have helped Deloitte create such a powerful brand posed an exciting opportunity to learn.

What expectations did you have before you began the programme?

My expectations going into Deloitte were that I would spend a lot of my time, at the start of the internship, observing and shadowing the team. I suppose there’s always the fear as an intern that you may end up pushing paper or making the coffees!  

It’s safe to say that at Deloitte this is not what interns do. Instead, what I was pleasantly surprised to discover on day one was a healthy stream of projects and real work my team had lined up for me for the duration of my internship.

What were your first impressions and how easy did you find it to become integrated?

Deloitte’s culture really put me at ease when I started my internship. From the bottom all the way to the top, everyone is open, friendly, and willing to help you wherever they can - no matter what their level.

There is a big emphasis on work life balance at Deloitte and it was made quite clear that while it’s important to perform to the best of your abilities, it’s as equally important to take a step back at times and enjoy the journey you are on. The fact that Deloitte, during the summer, encourage employees to leave at 2pm every Friday demonstrates the big emphasis on having a life outside of work.

Throughout the internship there were several ‘Insight sessions’ made available to interns to help with integration into the firm. These sessions encompassed topics such as success skills, dressing to impress, and mindfulness in the workplace. All of these sessions taught me valuable lessons but also helped us interns to meet our peers over some quality food and drinks!

Did the scope of your work change as the programme progressed?

I was certainly eased into my internship, starting with tasks that were quite straight forward and then progressing onto bigger projects where I had the opportunity to give my input and drive my own agenda.

One really interesting project that I had the opportunity to get involved in during my internship was the designing of a chat-bot for a client. It was my responsibility to drive the brainstorming workshops for this project and also to code a prototype which would be presented to the partner team.

Another really engaging project that I was involved in was the ‘Deloitte International Virtual Experience’ otherwise known as the DIVE program. For two months I worked with an international team of interns, spread out across Brazil, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands. Our project involved devising a digital tax strategy for Deloitte. Getting to work with interns from around the world in a virtual team taught me not only the importance of being flexible (navigating time zones and all that!) but it also taught me how to engage with different cultures.

Can you describe a typical day in your role?

A typical workday for me kicks off at 9am where I will typically start with checking my inbox to see if anyone on the team wants my support in any projects. Currently I’m on a project that requires me to design a business case for an idea my team are hoping to implement. I would spend quite a bit of time refining this business case and also preparing the presentation that I will deliver to the management team next week where we will outline the vision for the idea (no pressure!).

Our team normally head out for lunch around 1 o’clock, we like to mix up where we go each day having a wealth of places to choose from in Dublin city centre! Later on in the evening I normally have calls with my international DIVE team, 3pm Irish time being one of the few times during the day that can accommodate employees in Brazil, Bermuda, and the Cayman Islands! After work the interns in consulting usually head over to one of the bars on Harcourt Street to catch up over a few drinks.

Why should someone apply to the Deloitte Internship programme?

I found that the Deloitte internship unique in the sense that it puts you into an area of personal growth, somewhere suspended between being comfortable and being out of your depth – if you’re looking to develop your professional skills and grow a network, there’s really no better place to be.

What about life outside of work?

The Deloitte interns are the most social group around! We have a WhatsApp group constantly being updated with ideas for things to do together, events to check out, and even trips abroad some of us are planning on taking together. There’s a real comradery among the interns and Deloitte provide plenty of events for us to get to know one another throughout the internship. A personal highlight was when we had to race around Dublin Zoo with IPads on a digital scavenger hunt!

The Deloitte Consulting employees also had their annual Summer Party during my internship which was a super day out. Deloitte brought out all of the consulting team to the RDS where we had live music, an open bar, and activities like riding a mechanical bull!

Tell us something surprising that we did not know about you?

Well at the moment I am training to run a Marathon which has been a long time goal of mine. I signed up to run the Dublin Marathon for this coming October with the hope of finishing it under the four hour mark. I’m just taking it one step at a time and hopefully come October I will get over the finish line!

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