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Our people: Oisin Farrell

Associate in Audit & Assurance

Why did you choose the Deloitte Graduate Programme?

I chose the graduate programme as I felt it was the perfect Launchpad for to start on my journey to become a qualified accountant. It provided unique opportunity to work on teams that facilitates constant learning. There is a supportive and connective environment and I was provided with excellent support to help in achieving exam success.

What did you study in college?

I studied Commerce (Accounting) at NUIG

With this Graduate Programme are you now working in the industry of your choice?

I am currently working within audit in the Consumer Technology Business Industries. This was my preferred industry of choice, as you have the opportunity to work and gain experience from a wide range of industries including technology, retail, agri-business, wholesale, pharma, distribution, hospitality. This ensures that no two jobs are the same are you are constantly learning and developing your knowledge on different industries. You are usually out on site at these clients and by been on the ground and talking to people you get a real feel and understanding of the business.

What were your first impressions and how easy did you find it to become integrated at Deloitte?

I loved working in Deloitte from the very first moment. I always was told Deloitte stood out on it’s as a result of the people that you work with within. You make friends and build connections for life and are immediately welcomes in to the life at Deloitte.

Can you describe a typical day in your role?

Currently a typical day would involve having status update meetings with client discussing the progress of the audit. Every morning the team would hold an agile meeting to discuss the work they performed the previous day and the work intended to be completed for the day to come, this is a great way to identify any roadblocks or anyone who might need assistance in getting work complete.

I generally would spend up to 1 hour a day assisting more junior members of the audit team on any queries they may have and explaining any work they would need to complete. I would spend some time testing the relevant sections of the audit file that I was to complete and also co-ordinate the when work was ready to be reviewed by managers. No two days are the same and there is constantly new challenges that pop up on a day to day basis.

Have you ever felt daunted by the level of responsibility presented to you while working in Deloitte? If not, why do you think that is?

I generally would be fairly easy going, so it would take a lot for me to get daunted by the level of responsibility presented. However I know if this situation ever occurred there is always someone to turn to who is always more than willing to help out and provide solutions.

What do you feel makes a good leader in Deloitte?

I feel a good leader within Deloitte is a person who is a good communicator, is friendly towards all people no matter what their level and makes time for each individual.

What is the social life like while working at Deloitte?

The social life is excellent within Deloitte, with numerous Christmas nights out, intake trips away, sub- group nights and always the old reliable Thursday night pints when a break is needed.

What makes Deloitte stand out as an employer?

Deloitte stands out as a result of the people who work within, everybody within Deloitte could not be any more friendly or helpful. There is always somebody on the look out to make sure nobody is struggling. Excellent support is for learning and development for both on the job activities and exams. The compressed working week during the summer is always a nice way to start the weekend.

What impact do you feel is made to the working environment by the diversity within the team at Deloitte?

All teams in Deloitte are well diversified, this allows you to develop as a person and getting to know lots about different people and their ways of completing tasks.

Have you been involved in any of the Deloitte CSR activities?

I have been involved with Deloitte Impact day, which gives you an opportunity to take a day out of work and complete charity work that will benefit the community we live in.

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