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About Globe

Our internal LGBTI+ and allies network, called Globe, is a voluntary group of people in Deloitte Ireland committed to going beyond diversity to create a respectful, proud and inclusive workplace. We believe in having a year-round representation of LGBTI+ inclusion and support for the community, which is reflected in our regular activities and initiatives around awareness days, knowledge initiatives and engagement with our people.

The Globe committee actively supports our Inclusion Lead by shaping policies and messages that increase our commitment to being an inclusive firm. It is our priority to assure a sense of belonging for all of our people, by increasing awareness around LGBTI+ topics and through building an inclusive and diverse community across our organisation.

Pride 2020

Although this year’s Pride celebration will be different in many ways and we can’t come together at the festivities that usually take place around Ireland, we are excited to celebrate it virtually with our people: our LGBTI+ colleagues and allies, in Ireland and across borders. We look forward to once again waving our flag, showing our rainbow colours and moving forward, together.

In Deloitte Ireland, we take great pride in the progress we have made towards our inclusion agenda. Highlights from 2019 include the launch of our transgender employment policy, working with LGBTI+ charities like HIV Ireland and TENI, and delivering multiple internal awareness campaigns around LGBTI+ topics, including a transgender awareness session and ‘coming out’ testimonies from colleagues.

We are proud of our accomplishments, but Pride is bigger than one organisation. We recently observed IDAHOBIT, international day against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia, to show that discrimination and even prosecution of the LGBTI+ community still exists. So much remains to be done. It’s time to recognise that we’re stronger together, as the last couple of months have shown us all.

Hear what inclusion means to our people...

At Deloitte, inclusion is key to everything we do. Ensuring our LGBTA employees can be themselves is a priority for our leaders and something they are accountable for. As a Partner, I’m personally very committed to being an advocate and ally for all our LGBT employees. We know that diversity contributes to better decision making and a happier workplace, which is why we work at ensuring we are truly inclusive and ensure all issues are been discussed at the CEO level.

Valarie Daunt, Consulting Partner


At Deloitte I feel like I can colour with all the crayons in the box. I am free to bring my full self to work in a truly inclusive environment.

Dane Hickey, Senior Manager in Audit & Assurance


Inclusion is all about being in an environment in which everyone can be confident to excel.

Michael Hartwell, Audit & Assurance Partner


As well as helping to build cultural awareness, inclusive workplaces drives innovation and diversity empowers team performance.

Jeremy Goldwater, Manager in Consulting


The most enjoyable thing about working with Deloitte is getting to be part of a diverse and talented team – we respect each other, and are committed to shared success.

Cormac Hughes, Consulting Partner


Bring yourself to work rather than try and fit into what you think others want you to be. People should respect and appreciate you for who you are and what you bring to Deloitte.

Daryl Hanberry, Tax Partner



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