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Things to consider if thinking of relocating to Ireland

Considering relocating to further your career? Here are some tips to help you with your decision.

Ireland is a great place to do business. With more and more global companies choosing to develop their headquarters in Ireland plus our indigenous firms further developing their businesses, we have seen career opportunities soar in recent years within both industry and professional services. The Central Statistics office estimate 79,300 people will make the move to Ireland in 2016, making Ireland an ever-increasing desirable place to live.

With the depth and breadth of career opportunities here in Ireland, more and more professionals are choosing to relocate to further their careers. But relocating is a big deal for most, and it can be daunting to try work out whether making a move is the best decision for you.

As a Recruitment Lead in Deloitte, I frequently connect with professionals around the world who are considering opportunities with us here in Ireland. From speaking with them throughout their recruitment journey I understand how big these considerations can be. I have put together some broad topics to consider, which may help you navigate the first steps of your relocation adventure.

Think about your reasons for a move.

Are you looking to relocate for career advancement? New experiences? Personal reasons? Really think through what your motivations are for a move before starting to look at opportunities in a new country. It will help focus you on what countries, companies, industries and roles will help you achieve what you are searching for.

Do your research.

Research the companies you are thinking of applying to, specifically about their culture and values. Who you are working with is as (if not more) important that what you are working on, so making sure you find the best fit for you will not only help you achieve your goals, but also make the relocation process that bit easier.

Also research the country/ countries you are interested in relocating to. What has attracted you to them? What is their culture like? If you have never visited the country before, it might be worth visiting it before furthering your plans to see if you could really imagine yourself living and working there.

Reflect on the practicalities.

What type of accommodation will you look for when you arrive? How will you get to your destination? If you are relocating with a partner and/ or children, how will the move affect them? Will this be a permanent move or relocation of fixed length? Will you look for employment prior to your move? What relocation support (if any) will you receive? Will you need to apply for a work permit and/ or visa to relocate to your chosen country? Do you have a valid, in-date passport? These are all important practicalities to consider before making the move.

Consider your timeline.

When are you planning on relocating? Once you have a rough timeline in mind, you will need to map out the factors that may affect this so you can keep yourself on track. For example, if you plan on beginning work shortly after arriving in new location, then realistically you may need to begin looking for employment some months before your move date. If you require a work permit and/ or visa to relocate, then you will need to allow additional time for this process to complete.

Ruth is a Recruitment Lead for our Technology Consulting practice. She is always open to connect with professionals interested in opportunities in our Irish practice, at To view our current opportunities, click here

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