Life at Deloitte

What an inclusive workplace looks like

Romy Ronan - Summer Intern in Risk Advisory, Regulatory Risk

When applying for my role here, I had of course heard of the many accolades and awards Deloitte has accumulated – Grad Employer of the Year being the most important for me. I inevitably had certain expectations upon starting as to what this would involve, but even after only a couple of weeks spent here, it’s safe to say that these have been surpassed.


I think it’s the culture of inclusion, which is so eminent and palpable here at Deloitte, which ultimately sets the tone for such an engaging working environment.

This is instilled throughout the organisation in a simplistic way, meaning it filters down right from Partner level to that of summer intern. And it really is the simple things - from the welcoming and open plan layout of the different department floors to the emails of recognition for a fellow team member’s birthday, all of these different aspects contribute to create a unifying atmosphere of respect, inclusion and community.

Within the Risk Advisory Department for example, there are a number of initiatives in place that really reinforce this culture of inclusion. We have a monthly breakfast meeting for the team, where everyone is brought up to speed on any new developments and where you can voice your opinion on something in a casual setting. ‘Tasty Treats’ are the highlight of everyone’s Friday mornings, where the department gathers together over tea and cake. We also have a Lunch Club that runs every Monday where all team members are welcome to join.  As an intern, this has been a really great way to get to meet and chat to new people, from trainees to managerial level.

On a firm wide basis, all the interns were invited to take part in ‘Impact Day’ where we had the opportunity to volunteer for various charitable organisations and to help them complete certain projects. These charities spanned from My Lovely Horse to Ronald McDonald House. We were all given the unique chance to give back and lend a helping hand, with the overall aim of making a positive impact and to aid these organisations along their paths that are so reliant on goodwill and volunteering. We were greeted by a summer BBQ on our return to the office where our contribution was recognised across Deloitte.

I think it’s clear from just this snapshot I have provided of life in Deloitte that inclusion really is at the helm of how things are done here. There is a clear sense of respect and genuine interest from others in how you are getting on and what you are working on. From an intern’s perspective, I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the working world.

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