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Our people: Ronan Mac Greevy

Graduate in Consulting


I studied mechanical engineering in UCD. During my degree I got to spend a year studying in the USA, complete an internship in consulting here in Dublin, work as a structural engineer in Bath, and carry out engineering research in Zurich. After graduating I stayed in UCD to continue the research from my Master's thesis before eventually admitting to myself that I couldn't stay in college forever and starting my career as a management consultant at Deloitte Ireland!

Beginning my role in Deloitte seemed like it was going to be a massive change for me. Mechanical engineering and strategy & operations consulting seemed worlds apart and I was uncertain of what to expect. I wanted a career that allowed me to build upon my strengths, but also one that allowed me to develop new skills. I had experience in creative problem solving and analytical work, but I wanted to improve my leadership and relationship-building skills. Deloitte Consulting has definitely been what I was looking for, and any anxiety I had before starting was quickly put to rest during our induction programme where it became clear that everyone was in the same boat!

The interview process at Deloitte was one of the things that attracted me to the firm. My first of two interviews was with a Director in Strategy & Operations Consulting who also came from an engineering background. He described how the principles he learned as an engineer are applicable in his day to day work as a consultant. One thing I have learned is that having a team of consultants with diverse backgrounds can inspire creativity and help develop the most effective solution for the client. If I had a tip for your interview it would be to try to get across what could set you apart in a team environment like that.

There were three factors in me choosing Deloitte

The first was the reputation of the Strategy & Operations Consulting practice. The second is that Deloitte values creativity and the innovation that it can spark. There are really cool things being done in Deloitte Digital and also with new technologies such as Blockchain. The partners are very future-thinking and understand the importance of being a leader for emerging technologies. This year I got to participate in a collaborative industry day between Deloitte and the Innovation Academy at UCD which was a great experience. The final, and possibly most important, factor was the importance the company places on culture. When I first heard about “culture” it didn’t really mean a lot to me, but I have grown to understand the role it plays in making the day to day work a lot of fun! The people I started with are all quite like-minded and it is a very easy environment to make friends.

Deloitte values creativity and the innovation that it can spark.

Even though I chose to begin my career in consulting, engineering is something I really enjoyed and I still use the skills learned during my degree in my job. Deloitte is accredited by Engineers Ireland, and with the firm, I am looking to work towards becoming a Chartered Engineer. This was definitely something that made Deloitte stand out as it was the only management consulting firm with Engineers Ireland accreditation.

Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge so far was during the initial period of my first client engagement. On the first week after our induction programme, I took up a role as part of the programme management team on a large transformational project. I became the central point of contact for a team which grew to over 60 consultants and honestly, I did feel a bit overwhelmed. I had never imagined myself in a role like that and I was unsure if I would be able to perform well at it. It was a fast paced environment and I quickly built up a network at both the client and across all the different departments at Deloitte which helped me to settle in. As I can say time and time again about Deloitte, I was always given a lot of support. I found myself beginning to really enjoy the job. Of all my experiences at Deloitte, this project took me completely out of my comfort zone and it undoubtedly helped to build my confidence.

It’s not easy to know the exact career path you want to follow when you’re studying. Thinking back now, what was important to me when choosing a job was to be surrounded by interesting people, to improve myself as much as possible and very unoriginally, to feel like I’m making a difference. For me, Deloitte Consulting in Ireland stood out as it ticked all of these boxes. The first piece of advice I would have for students is to put time and effort into researching what types of positions are out there. Not every job will be suitable for everyone and seeing as you will be spending a large part of your week working, you may as well enjoy what you do! The second piece of advice I would give to students is definitely to consider consulting as a place to start your career if you are an ambitious person looking for varied and challenging work, as well as to develop analytical and people skills that will help you throughout your career.

The short answer is I don’t know where I see myself in my future career. I know that the skills I am learning at Deloitte will be of great benefit no matter where I end up, and I don’t think I could have got as wide a range of experience as I have here. I am passionate about travelling and seeing new cultures. One of the great things about Deloitte is that it is a global brand, and they offer secondments where people get the opportunity to stay within Deloitte while working in a different part of the world. In terms of my career aspirations, I want to help Irish businesses thrive by working with them to define and realise their goals. Deloitte is definitely the best place to help me achieve this, while also having a lot of fun on the way!


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