Life at Deloitte

What does an inclusive workplace look like? 

Sarah Courtney, Summer Intern in Tax & Legal

“Inclusive” means to consider all relevant things and in this case, people. At Deloitte inclusiveness is expected and delivered in the workplace. On a broad level, an inclusive workplace has people of all genders, religions and ethnic backgrounds in their office, but on a personal level, to me it was feeling immersed in challenging work from the beginning of my time here and welcomed by all of my colleagues.

What I enjoy most about working at Deloitte is how involved and welcomed I was from the moment I arrived. It is understandable how a workplace would find new interns burdensome because we are not familiar with tasks that employees do on a day to day basis, however this was not the case. From the beginning of my time here I was given the opportunity to learn and develop my skills. Rather than spending the majority of my day photocopying, scanning, binding and doing coffee runs like the classic intern, I was given engaging projects to work on immediately. I was involved in client work, meetings, client calls, internal projects, research and practical VAT projects from the early stages of my internship.

I feel included in my department and valued as an employee rather than a temporary fixture who will be gone in a few weeks.

I am involved in varied work and interact with all different levels of staff, including other interns, trainees, seniors, managers and partners. A manager and a partner had introductory meetings with me, giving me advice on how to settle in to work at the firm. The trainees help me with practical tasks and the managers gave me interesting client work and research to build upon as well as bringing me to shadow during client meetings and phone calls. They also invite me to internal invitations to observe meetings. If ever I have difficulty doing tasks I feel comfortable asking for help or an explanation because my colleagues stressed that I could approach them for assistance at any time. This proves to me that Deloitte has a friendly and inclusive corporate culture and makes me feel valued as an employee.

Other ways in which Deloitte is an inclusive workplace is how the company tried to create friendly links between the incoming interns with a meet and greet mixer about a month prior to beginning at the firm. This was a great ice breaker as people had the chance to meet their future colleagues, ask trainees and managers any questions before work began and get to know some faces before starting work. It was helpful as during induction interns were more comfortable talking to people they had previously met, which made it easier in general to make friends.

The intern innovation challenge is another great way in which the firm includes all the interns in creative and challenging work. Interns from all the different departments are divided into teams to come up with solutions on certain issues the company faces. This helps interns feel included in the firm because they are given the power to provide solutions to large problems that the company faces. It is empowering that Deloitte gives such creativity to its new employees. The challenge is also a great way to get to know people from other departments and broaden one’s understanding of the general goals Deloitte wants to achieve.

It is clear from my experience so far at Deloitte that the firm embodies what an inclusive workplace means. I feel part of a welcoming team and I have been encouraged to make the most of this opportunity by my colleagues. I have been given insights into client work and trusted with responsibilities I assumed I would be excluded from, which makes me feel involved in the workplace.

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