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Our people: Shane McEntagart

Assistant Manager in Risk Advisory - Cyber Risk

Deloitte consists of an interesting network of outstanding professionals. My advice would be to reach out to, integrate and consult with as many of them as you can.

What do you like most about your role?

In my current role with the firm I enjoy the responsibility of managing a small team on a client’s site where we are involved in a long-term application access security engagement. This involves the use of an innovative and cutting edge technology in access management. It is a role like this that provides a diverse degree of dimensions with stimulating client and colleague interactions on a day-to-day basis, like problem-solving, innovation and creative thinking.

What attracted me to Deloitte?

Prior to joining Deloitte, I had successfully completed an internship before beginning my final year at college. It was at this point where I was able to decide that I definitely wanted to join Deloitte when I graduated. The internship programme gave me excellent exposure to work with Deloitte clients from the get go, which provided an accurate insight into a role at the firm. I found that Deloitte is an excellent place to pursue a career in emerging areas like data analytics or cyber security. This owes itself to the talent of my colleagues and the support of the firm for learning and work endeavours, where I was supported by my colleagues at all levels.

What I didn’t know but wish I knew before joining!

Deloitte consists of an interesting network of outstanding professionals. My advice would be to reach out to, integrate and consult with as many of them as you can. The firm is made up of truly great and talented people across all levels and departments, so don’t be hesitant to connect with them.

What leadership means to me?

Leadership in my opinion is defined through service. Professionals at Deloitte can define themselves as leaders at all levels through their innovative commitment to the quality and service of our clients. This involves striving to provide our clients with the best quality and commitment that we can, not just the industry benchmark or necessarily the best practice.

How I work with our clients to deliver real impact?

In my role within Cyber Security, I am there to provide clients with the best assurance, piece of mind and advice for their particular needs. This is very rewarding in the sense of scoping, planning and implementing a project, such as an application access review, and working in tandem with the client all the way through to get the best results. Such projects have a lasting impact on the client by helping them to make their systems more secure, or by solving their security problems in an ever evolving security landscape. Clients really respect Deloitte and are placing their trust within you when it comes to potentially sensitive issues in their company and that is a responsibility that has a major impact on everyone involved in a particular project.

What else I have been involved with since joining?

Joining Deloitte thankfully gave me access to a range of exciting and stimulating career and development opportunities. This included a two-week humanitarian project in Uganda, in conjunction with a renowned Irish charity Nurture Africa. Deloitte gave me the physical and mental support to fully engage in this project. In this regard there is a great emphasis placed on social responsibility at Deloitte, both within Ireland and globally. As part of Deloitte, you are able to engage with many of the active sports and social clubs; this was how I found and got involved with the Deloitte Hill-Walking society, which go for regular hikes both here and abroad!

Deloitte’s role in my longer term career go/als

My long-term goals involve personal growth and development with Deloitte, because it is a place where I can continue to learn, take on additional responsibilities, and contribute as much value as I can. My views and opinions on a particular solution or project are valued and acted upon. There is great potential to be a top performing professional in my field through a well-established organization, like Deloitte. Opportunities exist that fit into your career objectives and your profile, for example during career progression there is the potential to become a subject matter expert if you decide to remain on a more technical trajectory rather than moving into management.

What I have enjoyed most?

I am a person who definitely enjoys a challenge and during my time so far at Deloitte there have been many stimulating challenges. There have been many client deadlines and projects where we really had to pull together as a team, innovate and utilise our combined knowledge and experience levels, often across service lines in order to produce the best result. Engagements like these are what I enjoy the most as you are able to immerse yourself and see a project or a client deliverable from when it is created from an idea all the way through until it takes life at completion. Combine this along with the diverse profile of client companies, people and environments that you get to enjoy at Deloitte and then you really feel rewarding job satisfaction.


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