Our people: Sharath Kunniyoor Cheemeni

Analyst in Risk Advisory - Technology & Data Risk

Why did you choose Deloitte and in particular, Risk Advisory?

I have a background in finance and IT and wanted to pursue a career that complimented my expertise and knowledge developed in University and from previous work experience. Among the industry players Deloitte has a great mix of opportunities that involved application of cutting edge technology within their Financial Services and I found this to be the perfect destination to deploy my skills.

The audit analytics functional area within Risk Advisory department had the perfect blend of challenges and engagements that gives a graduate the opportunity to explore, learn and develop creative solutions. As a data analytics analyst trainee I have been trained on several business intelligence tools and have been given an opportunity to be part of interesting department and firm wide projects. In addition here in Deloitte and RA in specific I have the flexibility to choose the qualifications and certifications that could mold me as a proficient analytics specialist.

Describe your day-to-day role in Risk Advisory?

As a data analytics analyst I am required to develop analytical solutions for a range of data based challenges and involves application of arithmetics, statistics and IT tools for efficient management of data. The nature of data based challenges in each season range from developing a customized tool to concept development around big data for the purpose of risk assessment.  Since joining Deloitte in 2016 as a data analytics analyst I have gained a vast amount of experience in dealing with interesting challenges. The nature of engagements are really different each time and the variety is what I enjoy the most .All the engagements that I have been associated has generated a great amount of learning , given me a chance to explore, and entrusted with the freedom and flexibility to design and be creative with the solutions. I have been given opportunities to work with Risk Advisory Senior management, several Audit Directors and their teams, leading clients from the market. 

What further learning opportunities are available to you now in Risk Advisory?

The learning opportunities within Risk Advisory Department includes trainings and professional certifications in relations to one’s functional area. I have been part of sessions which covered training on Deloitte internal analytical tools, exposure to firm wide IT platforms. The trainees are given full support and encouragement to complete professional qualifications and allowed to go on study holidays. Within the data analytics domain we have been given the freedom to choose the analytical/IT specific certifications that are in line with the requirements of the team and future engagements.

Why would you encourage graduates to consider Risk Advisory as a career?

The concept of risk is central to any service line and this is where Risk Advisory as a Department pitch in with an array of domains that encompass complete risk assessment related services. A graduate joining Risk Advisory will get to work on challenging engagements along with members from various units such as Cyber Risk, Controls Assurance, Regulatory Consulting thereby broadens his/her knowledge and experience. The RA staff members within a specific functional area come from various backgrounds and disciplines and enable a great deal of learning and knowledge sharing by complementing each other’s skill sets while working on a project. The collaborative culture and synergy within the RA functional areas for sure will be an enriching and enlightening stint for a graduate who wants to pursue a career in Risk Advisory.

What’s a fun fact about Risk Advisory?

Risk Advisory believes that innovation is the key to success and the innovation sessions conducted at regular intervals during the year is a platform where experts discuss about game changing industry trends and methodologies. All the staff members are encouraged to contribute their ideas on how such innovative trends can be adopted within their functional areas to bring in efficiency and whole lot of ideas gets discussed during this session.

A similar platform that brings in all employees together will be Risk Advisory All Hands session where staff members get to showcase the creative and ground breaking solutions or methodologies adopted in an engagement on behalf of their team.  


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Position: Data Analytics Analyst

Department: Risk Advisory – Operational Risk: Technology and Data Risk

College Attended: Waterford Institute of Technology

Course Completed: MSc. Financial Information Systems

Joined Deloitte: September 2016

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