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Aisling O'Sullivan

What I like most about my role

What I like most about my role is the diversity and the interaction with the clients and my colleagues. Since starting my training with Deloitte I have audited a number of different clients from large multinationals to small indigenous companies.

What attracted me to Deloitte

The people are what stood out for me. All the Deloitte representatives at the college events were very approachable and were happy to answer any queries I had and ensured I spoke with someone who could answer my questions if they were unable to. Overall they were very helpful and I felt I would fit into the company.

My day-to-day role

My days can be varied and no day is the same but as an audit senior I ensure that the audit file is completed. This involves planning the audit, ensuring all confirmation and engagement letters have been prepared and signed by the client. I delegate audit work to the audit team, ensuring that each member understands and is able to complete the work delegated to them.  I ensure that all areas of the file are complete and ready for manager and partner review.  I also liaise with the audit client and I am also in contact with the Deloitte foreign offices. This would occur normally when they are auditing a subsidiary of a company that Deloitte in Cork are auditing.

How leadership is part of the daily role of an audit senior

Leadership is part of the daily role of an audit senior. As a senior you are the head of the audit team and must be able to help and lead your team during an audit. The queries are directed at you and you must ensure that the work is completed to a high standard and within the time required as some audits can have tight deadlines.

What else I have been involved with since joining

I have been involved in the sport and social committee in Deloitte since I started. We organise social events such as nights out, the Christmas party and tickets for shows. Every year Deloitte holds IMPACT Day which is a great day and allows the company to give back to the community. I am an active member of the CASS-C Committee and this year I am the Vice-Chairperson. It is a good society that compliments the social committee in Deloitte.  

Deloitte’s role in my longer term career goals

Deloitte has given me great knowledge not only technical but business and soft skills such as team leading, delegating and the ability to help people to develop their skills. By having a company with such a strong reputation such as Deloitte on my CV will give me a great advantage in my career.

What I have enjoyed most

I have enjoyed working with people my own age and getting to learn a lot about different companies and industries. 

Name: Aisling O’Sullivan
Position: Assistant Manager
: Audit

College Attended: University College Cork

Course Completed: Bachelor of Commerce

Joined Deloitte: 2011

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