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Anas Ibrahim

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Quick facts

Current Role: Technology Consulting Analyst II: Salesforce Developer

Service Line: Deloitte Digital

Name of Degree(s):  

BSc Biomedical Engineering (2016) UCD

ME Biomedical Engineering (2018) UCD

Tell us about your current job and what it involves?

I am a Salesforce Developer in Deloitte Digital. Salesforce is a large CRM platform that can be encapsulated by many definitions, but it is a technology that enables clients to manage their data more efficiently.

As a developer, my role involves customizing the client’s Salesforce org to meet their needs through custom code and configuration. Every functionality that is developed needs to be tested and subsequently deployed.

All these tasks are what constitutes a Salesforce Developer. As a technology platform, Salesforce has its own programming language and an ecosystem of declarative solutions where every project has unique requirements. My role heavily revolves around delivering these requirements through the available suite of solutions provided.

What do you enjoy about the role?

Being a developer in a consulting company always brings different work aspects together. I love that I always get a variety of responsibilities in every project. Some projects present more client facing duties and others present more requirement gathering duties, all on top of being a developer.

I find myself always growing new skills and learning about the various areas of project implementation. No matter what role you are in, there will always be variety when you are in consulting, and this is such an evident concept in Deloitte.

What was the route you took to landing the job, what was the application process?

Consulting is an industry that I always wanted to pursue, particularly in technology, and given Deloitte’s global reputation, my decision was made. During my final year I applied, completing the short online assessment which was followed by two internal interviews. These interviews were the opportunities for me to demonstrate how my ideals aligned with Deloitte’s, both professionally and personally.

Shortly after, I received a call confirming my place in the graduate program. I commend Deloitte and their communication system throughout the application process. Their responsive and informative communication flow allowed me to secure a job early which in turn, gave me more time and motivation to focus on my final year responsibilities.

What are the skills you most regularly use in your role?

Collaboration. I have worked in a multitude of projects that involved teams of professionals from different locations, backgrounds and cultures. Every team is unique and I have learnt the importance of having a collaborative mentality. This is the foundation of Deloitte’s working culture and I am grateful for all the people I worked with and learnt from.

Communication is the other profound skill that I use so regularly, without even realising it. In a fast paced industry, I have learnt that being able to communicate in a direct manner is the key to productivity. Whether internally or to clients, being clear and concise in your communication leads to clear and concise responses.

What advice would you have for a student considering a career in this sector?

As someone who did not come from a computer science background, I have directed my career to becoming a developer in an exciting technology with a forward-thinking company. There is a huge misconception that you must be from a coding background to pursue a career in technology consulting and I would really like to highlight that this is not the case in Deloitte. In fact, Deloitte has invested in my technical competency and training to becoming a developer. If you want to have a career in technology consulting, all you need is an interest and a willingness to learn. Deloitte will provide you with the tools to succeed.

"There is a huge misconception that you must be from a coding background to pursue a career in technology consulting, and I would like to highlight that this is not the case in Deloitte."

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