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Anna Holohan

What I like most about my role

The thing I like most about my role is that it varies so much. I have had the opportunity to undertake lots of different types of work. I have found that there is always an interesting project or piece of work to get involved in.

What attracted me to Deloitte

While studying in UCD I took a tax module which I found interesting and I decided to apply for a summer internship to see if I would like a job in tax. I then started looking at different firms and attended a presentation about Deloitte in UCD and I was impressed with the enthusiasm the speakers had for their jobs with Deloitte. I thought Deloitte would be a good fit for me so I applied for a summer internship.

During the internship, I too became enthusiastic about working with Deloitte. There was a friendly working environment, great support, interesting jobs and a good work life balance. I quickly realised that Deloitte was where I wanted to work.

What I didn’t know but wish I knew before joining!

I was nervous before joining Deloitte. I was worried about finding my feet in a big office where I didn’t know many people. I wish I had known that I would join with a large intake and that there is a friendly and open atmosphere in the offices. There is always someone to lend a hand or to chat with over coffee.

My day-to-day role

My work as a tax trainee in the corporation tax department has largely focused on undertaking tax compliance work for clients. However I have had plenty of opportunities to get involved in consultancy work, projects, proposals and research.

I have found that even as a trainee I have been given lots of responsibility while at the same time there is always someone available to answer my concerns and queries.

How I have been able to make an impact in my role

I have found that there are plenty of opportunities to make an impact in my role.

  • I have learned that good tax advice is fundamental to our clients and can have a pivotal role in the business decisions they take. This makes me appreciate how important it is to undertake each assignment with diligence.
  • I have found that my colleagues and I will brainstorm on issues we are dealing with giving us the opportunity to contribute and develop better solutions for problems we face.
  • I have found that as new trainees join I have had an opportunity to offer support and guidance just as I received when I joined. 

What else I have been involved with since joining

It is not all work and no play! A healthy work life balance is actively encouraged. I personally have availed of the Deloitte golf lessons, sailing trip, running club and played tag rugby with my fellow trainees.

There are also numerous opportunities to get involved in charitable events. I have enjoyed baking for charity cake sales. I also spent a day down in Barretstown as part of a Deloitte team helping to build a pet farm as part of our impact day.

Deloitte’s role in my longer term career goals

Deloitte actively encourages and supports our long term career goals.

So far I have sat my AITI Part 2 tax exams. While it was a daunting experience sitting my first set of professional exams, I was genuinely impressed with how Deloitte made this experience as easy as possible. We were offered training sessions on topics we were struggling with, with senior staff offering their valuable time to us to lead these sessions. The availability of paid study leave also took the worry out of finding the time to prepare for the exams. 

Even as a trainee I have had exposure to key clients and interesting projects. I have learned so much from working on teams with people who are leaders in their field. I like that the work is challenging but that there is great support available. There is a motto that 'there is no such thing as a silly question'. 

I learn so much every day that whatever the future brings, I feel Deloitte will equip me with the skills to be successful.

What I have enjoyed most

The thing I have enjoyed most about my time in Deloitte so far is working in a friendly office environment. There is always good fun and great camaraderie which means that I am always happy coming into work.

Name: Anna Holohan

Position: Senior

Department: Tax

College Attended: Univeristy College Dublin & Michael Smurfit School of Business

Course Completed: Business and Law

Masters Completed: Masters of Accounting

Joined Deloitte: September 2012

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