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Interview Tips 

Anna McCormack, Summer Intern in Audit


First thing I recommend is to relax, making yourself anxious won’t help at all! If you are at the interview then you are of interest to the firm. So relax and enjoy the experience whether you succeed or not.

Do your research

Always research the firm you’re interviewing for. You don’t need to do a thorough background check of all their employees but know their main areas of service and what they stand for.

Be confident

As I mentioned before, at this point the firm has already taken an interest in you and will be selling themselves as much as you’re selling yourself. So be confident in your abilities and what you can offer this company.


Good posture is extremely important, not only does it make you seem more confident but presents you as more of a professional. Don’t cross your arms or slouch! A key trick I learnt is to lean forward very slightly in your chair from the waist up. This makes you seem more attentive.

Don’t fidget

Try not to fidget with your hands (or hair), especially if you’re holding something. This makes you appear more nervous and won’t help your case.


When speaking try to articulate what you’re saying to get your point across more clearly. A good idea is to practice different questions and have a structured response for each. Keep it short, make your point, slightly elaborate on the important factors and leave it open to questions. This prevents you from rambling on.

Always ask questions

Asking questions shows you’re interested in what they’ve said and you’ve been listening. Ask the interviewer to elaborate on something they’ve mentioned or a great one to ask is “What are the next steps in this process?”. This shows confidence and gives you details as to what to expect next.

Learn from the experience

Even if you don’t get the job it is still a great experience! When you leave the interview write down the questions you were asked and how you answered them. This way you can improve on them for future reference.

If possible get feedback

If you can, ask the firm or those interviewing you if you can get some feedback from the interview, even if you didn’t get the job. This way you can use this information to improve for your next opportunity.

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