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Our people: Caroline O'Byrne

Apprentice Solicitor in Risk Advisory

What did you study in college?

Law with Economics in UCD.

With this graduate programme are you now working in the industry of your choice?

Having studied law, I always enjoyed it, but coupled with the Economics, I always had a business mind set and found that Risk Advisory in Deloitte was perfect for this. It allows me to gain experience on Client site, dealing with Commercial issues, whilst allowing me to apply my legal background and knowledge. Working in Risk Advisory allows me to work in a variety of different capacities; be it regulatory consulting, working in sectors such as Financial Services, the opportunity to work with both private and public bodies, the scope of the job is vast, which makes it a great area to work in.

What drew you to Deloitte when you were seeking a Graduate Programme?

When applying for the graduate programme, what stood out to me was wide variety of paths which Deloitte allow you to take in terms of working with them and achieving your professional qualification. Coming from a legal background, yet having always maintained an interest in the application of this in a business sense, the ability for me to train as a solicitor while working at Deloitte was a perfect fit for me.

On application, what really attracted me to the firm was the investment which Deloitte puts into their graduates, and supports continued professional development throughout your career, and also supports your overall development in the firm. Also, Deloitte, stood out to me as an incredibly innovative firm, with a community mind set where, ideas and opinions are valued and considered.

What expectations did you have before you began the programme?

That I would get to work on projects dealing with some of the new incoming Regulations, and getting to work with a variety of clients, both on site and in the office.

What were your first impressions and how easy did you find it to become integrated?

What certainly stood out to me was the openness and friendliness of everyone in the office in making you feel instantly welcome and really making an effort to put you at ease in the office.

It happens almost instantaneously and naturally as you are always working as part of a team so get to know the people on your team quite well.

Deloitte are also really great, with a Sports and Social Committee and various other Committees which help you to further develop relationships with your colleagues and get involved in the other aspects of working life in Deloitte.

Did the scope of your work change as the programme progressed?

The great thing about Deloitte is the work is so varied, and from the get-go, you are a member of the team where the work you do has a direct impact on the project you are working on. As the programme progresses, the scope of your responsibility also progresses, getting to work alongside senior staff members, and if there is a particular project that arose you had a particular interest in, they will do their utmost to try and give you an opportunity to gain experience on that project.

Can you describe a typical day in your role?

My day to day role offers a great variety of work and different projects to get involved in. Especially in terms of the area that I am in, Regulatory and Compliance, as there has been a huge number of developments in terms of Regulation both nationally and internationally. Work on a day-to-day basis can range from working on projects dealing with the implications of Brexit, and Deloitte advising how companies need to adapt accordingly, conducting analysis of incoming legislation, assisting compliance departments with reviewing their policies/activities internally.

What about life outside of work?

I am starting my training in Blackhall this coming September, as part of my training to become a qualified solicitor.

Aside from that, I enjoy running and trying different ways to keep fit and completed the New York City Marathon last year, while I was living there.

I love to travel and want to see as many countries as possible while I can, having visited Central America, Thailand, India, Colombia and Ecuador on trips past!

Why should someone apply to the Deloitte Graduate programme?

There are many reasons that someone should apply to the programme. If you want the opportunity to work with great people, and be part of an incredibly innovative firm, Deloitte is the place to apply. The experience you gain, and clients you get to work with as part of the graduate programme are some of the best. If you want to be a valued member of a team where your ideas are heard and innovation is encouraged and rewarded, you should apply to Deloitte

Tell us something surprising that we did not know about you.

I was born in New York and lived there until I was 8!

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