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Our people: Cathal Ó Cléirigh

Actuarial, Reward & Analytics Graduate Programme

Having studied Mathematics at Trinity College Dublin, and primarily focusing on pure mathematics, an actuarial career was not a clear-cut choice. While I knew that working as an actuary was a typical path for a mathematics graduate, and was likely to be a path that I would follow myself, I was not fully sure yet if it would be for me. I wanted a job where I could use the problem solving and analytical skills that I developed during my degree, but where I would also be honing my soft skills and working with others in a collaborative environment.

Fortunately, while partaking in a summer internship at Deloitte prior to my final year of university, I showed interest in the actuarial field and was promptly put in touch with a consultant and a senior manager on the Actuarial, Rewards & Analytics (ARA) team. That summer, after meeting the rest of the department while working with them for some time, and seeing the day-to-day work that they do, I decided that this was the route that I wanted to go down.

I could see immediately that working as an actuary in a consulting environment in particular had a lot of desirable features – particularly the wealth of experience developed from working on a whole range of completely different projects, and the exposure to different clients and their unique ways of thinking and working.

After applying to the programme, receiving the offer, and working as an actuarial analyst at Deloitte for nearly a year, I can safely say that this role is exactly what I had been looking for at university. Within days of starting, I was working on projects – all highly technical – where I was given both a healthy level of independence and a solid amount of support. Over the course of the year, I have been exposed to work in life insurance, general insurance, pensions, analytics, modelling and more. I have worked with nearly all of the team over the course of the year, and feel that I have learned many new things from them all!

The ARA team here in Deloitte has been brilliant. The support received as a new joiner, especially in the unforeseen work-from-home environment, massively exceeded my expectations. The team made big efforts to keep everyone connected in the virtual environment, and to integrate the new joiners immediately.

The exam support is also very generous, and there is no pressure to specialise in any particular area of actuarial work – whatever you choose, your skills will be valued and used effectively. Everyone is open and understanding, and genuinely wants you to succeed, regardless of what that means for you.

In addition, the nature of the consulting environment tends to attract sociable, high-performing people, which inevitably leads to a lot of fun being had, and invaluable friendships made (even over Zoom, which I never thought would be possible…) I have found the social side of working on the ARA team to be excellent, and a major contributing factor to my satisfaction with the role.

All in all, I am extremely glad that I started my career on the Deloitte Actuarial, Rewards & Analytics programme – I couldn’t recommend it enough!

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