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Clodagh Rooney

What I like most about my role

I really enjoy the variety in my day to day work. In tax, I could be working on three or four different companies within one day, looking at different aspects of the tax system. This diversity not only keeps my job interesting but from working on different projects, I continue to learn more each day.

What attracted me to Deloitte

It was the people! I met various people who worked in Deloitte through graduate events or lecturers who had been past Deloitte alumni, and everybody was very friendly, very helpful and spoke very highly of the training they received and the work they had been involved in while with Deloitte. I’ve been here two years now and I still stand by that statement – everyone I have worked with has been friendly, helpful and I am enjoying the training and projects I have undertaken.

My day-to-day role

At the moment I mostly work on Corporate Tax compliance projects. This involves taking the financial statements of a client and working through their annual tax computation and return. Within this task, I learn about the company, their types of income and expenditure, where they have operations around the world, if they had any unusual transactions during the year and I work to drafting a tax amount due for the company. This can often lead to undertaking some research into reliefs that may apply or double tax credits with other countries. Sometimes it can be challenging, however there is always a manager on the client with me who is happy to help and will review my work. The partner allocated to the client is also helpful, particularly when it comes to more subjective tax issues that need to be discussed fully.

How I have made a contribution in my team

The way in which our department is run is constantly changing and evolving through feedback, not only from senior levels but also from trainees. As we work through the processes we are encouraged to provide feedback to managers and partners about things which we think work well or that we feel should be changed. This feedback is openly welcomed and as a trainee I have been able to contribute to this and shape the way in which our department evolves. It has been great to be able to be involved in such a process and see the changes implemented.

What else I have been involved with since joining

I have been involved in quite a few socials, societies and CSR activities since I began in Deloitte. IMPACT Day was the first social activity I took part in. My group helped to paint facilities for a children’s occupational therapy unit that does not receive government funding. While we were out there we met some parents and staff who were really thankful for the work we had done, so it was really nice to see we were making a difference. I have also built up my running skills through the Deloitte Running Club. I started by taking part in some 5KM and 10KM runs , getting friends in my department involved too! I’m now chair of the club and am enjoying taking more of a leadership and organisational role with the committee.

Deloitte’s role in my longer term career goals

Deloitte has played a very important, if not the most important, role so far in my career. I know the training I have received in respect of professional skills, technical training and life skills in general will stand to me as I progress through my career over the next number of years. Deloitte has also helped me in obtaining the AITI tax professional exams and the Chartered Accountants of Ireland accounting professional exams through excellent study leave and in-house training. I have also built up a great network of clients and colleagues through Deloitte which will also stand to me in the years to come in my career.

What I have enjoyed most

I have very much enjoyed the work I have been involved in, the societies I have taken part in and also the amount that I have learned through working with managers and partners. However, I think what I’ve most enjoyed is being part of my intake, the group that I started with in tax. I have made great friends in this group and I believe we have been a great support to each other through exams, through our busy periods and even day to day there is always at least one person who will make me laugh. It has been great to be able to have the great social nights out, while also being able to turn to somebody at your own level in work and say “does this issue make sense to you?” or “am I right in saying that?” They are a great group to work with and one of the main reasons I enjoy working at Deloitte.

Name: Clodagh Rooney                    
: Tax

College Attended: Dublin City University

Course Completed: BA in Accounting and Finance

Masters Degree Completed: MBS in Accounting

Joined Deloitte: September 2012

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