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Co-operative and Work Placement Programmes

At Deloitte, success is part of our DNA. Our internships and graduate programs are designed to help you succeed. When you succeed, we succeed. If you’re thinking about joining one of our internship or graduate programmes, you should find most of the answers you’re looking for here.

A work placement at Deloitte gives you a taste of professional life and allows you to get ahead in your career even before you have left college or university. You will learn from experienced colleagues and meet clients representing a variety of industries and environments as we help you make a smooth transition from student to professional. On top of that, it is a way to enhance your CV with practical work experience.

What opportunities are available?

Joining Deloitte is your opportunity to become part of the worldwide leader in professional services and consulting, a global network of 244,400 people in 150 countries. In Ireland, Deloitte is a team of over 2,700 talented and driven individuals. Our firm is growing in the marketplace. We’re ambitious and committed to being a leader in the delivery of five world class business areas: Audit & Assurance, Tax, Risk Advisory, Corporate Finance, and Consulting. 

Each of our work placement opportunities have a different focus, so your work will differ depending on the kind of role you choose.

If it’s Audit & Assurance, for example, you’ll be working with a team that advises clients on their accounting systems and controls, ways to improve them and reduce risk. In Corporate Finance, its all about working in a team that advises clients on buying or selling a business for example. Whereas, in Technology, you’re more likely to be in a team designing new systems or developing IT strategy. 

Throughout the year we will have various opportunities available, each focused on a different kind of role.

What makes Deloitte Programmes unique?

All of those who join Deloitte will work in a supportive and connected environment where our leaders promote and facilitate lifelong learning - you will have the opportunity to work with the best people, solve complex business issues and support local communities through CSR initiatives.

We are focused on developing “leaders at all levels” by providing and encouraging graduates to take on leadership roles and opportunities irrelevant of grade or experience.

We’re proud that so many young people start their careers with Deloitte, even if some of them will eventually move on elsewhere. We see graduates, work placement students and interns adding a lot in terms of innovation and new perspectives, and this is why we continue to focus on providing a premium career journey for students each year. 

Discover more about the top 10 reasons to join Deloitte.

How can I apply?


We encourage students from all degrees and disciplines to apply to our programmes. However, we do require you are on track for a 2.1 degree or higher.

Of course, you’ll need more than good grades to make the most of this opportunity. You'll need to be a real team player with an open mind, eager to keep learning, fascinated by business, and can’t wait to get stuck in to complex projects, you’ll fit right in.


The application and length of your co-operative placement with Deloitte will depend on your University.

Check in with your Careers Office now for upcoming and current opportunities and how to apply.

Want to meet the team?

We think it’s great to meet some of the people you’ll work with, and get a personal experience of the firm before you apply. Our Graduate Team look forward to meeting you at the various campus events all over the country. Check out our upcoming campus events.

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