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Bringing your complete self to work

One of our core values is to Foster Inclusion. We have therefore developed an inclusion strategy designed to create an environment where people can bring every aspect of themselves to work, be at their best, share their perspectives and feel like they belong regardless of who they are and what their background is. It is through our inclusive culture that we attract, develop and advance our people. this diversity of thought, perspectives and experiences, ultimately benefits our clients with richer, more innovative solutions to their key challenges.

Time is of the essence… exploring the lived experience of parents within Deloitte Ireland

At Deloitte, we aspire to offer the most inclusive workplace in Ireland for our people. We know from the research that real diversity, people with different backgrounds, perspectives, beliefs and ways of  thinking and working together, leads to better decisions and solutions. In order to make an impact that matters for our clients, our people and in society, we need to enable this diversity of thought. The only way we can achieve this is if our people feel they can bring their whole selves to work. 

The aim of this project was to explore the lived experience of parents working within Deloitte – to understand their thoughts and feelings regarding the challenges of combining parenting with working within a professional services firm. Their experiences were captured via a method of participatory photography known as photovoice. Photovoice is a research methodology and an advocacy tool which uses photographs, coupled with facilitated group dialogue and photo-captioning, to give voice to people’s lived-experience of a particular issue. The results are fascinating. Take a look.

Photovoice Project

Do people from outside Ireland feel included? If they don’t, what will it take to resolve that? What does an inclusive workplace mean? We asked a number of our people in Deloitte as part of Photovoice project to share their deepest personal experiences on camera. It is so easy to group and categorise people, but through their photos we see the individual shine through: their personal experiences,their hopes, their struggles and their desire to be part of Deloitte and its future. It was encouraging to see so much positivity shone through in terms of the opportunities people feel they have here in Ireland and abroad. Click the link to download the full brochure here and be amazed and surprised.

Gender Balance

International Women's Day 2020

We kicked off our week of events with a roundtable discussion with Sharon Thorne, Deloitte Global Board Chair. Sharon has long championed Deloitte’s ambition to achieve higher representation of women in leadership globally, and shared enlightening pointers on impostor syndrome, tiara syndrome, and the importance of sponsorship.

Next up was a fascinating lunchtime discussion with the women behind Herstory. Founded in 2016, the Herstory movement tells the stories of historic, mythic and modern women.

Finally, on Monday 9th March we hosted an internal breakfast event where we were were fortunate enough to host Marie Lucey, a former Deloitte colleague, as our keynote speaker. Marie shared her story with us and focused on the theme of #EachforEqual - encouraging the audience to look at diversity more broadly. The Keynote Session was followed by a panel discussion featuring current and former leaders from across Deloitte, sharing their views and experiences on the specific topic of female leadership in the Irish firm.

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International Women's Day 2019

For our internal celebration event, we welcomed Senator Ivana Bacik, Reid Scholar Trinity College Dublin, who spoke about the work and campaigning she has done since her student days for women’s and LGBT rights in Ireland. We also welcomed Dr. Maria Quinlan of Pink Flower Company who ran our Photovoice projects and spoke about the process and results of our innovative research.  We are the first company to have used this innovative participatory photography research method to explore inclusion topics with our people. 

We also heard from 3 of our participants on the project, Glenn Gillard, Laura Wadding and Sinead Smith on how they found the experience and what they have taken from the project.  Their stories and warmth served as an inspiration to many of the parents and aspiring parents in the audience.

Women In Leadership

Advancing women at all levels is a business priority for Deloitte.
We are taking a number of positive actions to ensure that women are able to fulfil their potential and career goals and are very encouraged by the results we are seeing, with a significant increase in female representation at partner and director level over the last 5 years. We see a strong pipeline of female talent in Deloitte and will continue to work to attract, develop and promote our talent.

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Return to Work Programme

The programme is a critical element of our approach to supporting parents to transition back into the workplaceafter taking time out on maternity / adoptive leave. Participants are provided with tailored support and coaching to help them to read just back into the world of work in professional services.

Our Return to Work programme is just one of the ways in which we are focused on ensuring that we provide a working environment where people can thrive at all stages of their career. As a firm, we also believe that enabling women to re-enter the workplace plays an important role in ensuring that we are a diverse organisation.

Torunn Dahl, Senior Manager in Talent

Wellbeing at Deloitte

We recognise the importance of positive well-being and the ability to achieve personal and professional ambitions in a balanced way. We have a wide variety of supports in place to help you find your balance and to reward you for being part of a world class team.

Deloitte Unplugged is the firm’s wellbeing initiative. The programme focuses on reminding our people to refuel both physically and mentally and challenge the mindset that we have to be ‘plugged in’ all of the time. We are committed to supporting our people to make sure they take time out to unplug. After all unplugging is good for all of us – for our health, our creativity, our energy and our focus. We have a programme of activities throughout the year to support people with both their mental and physical health in addition to our agile working policies.

In 2020, the new ways of living and working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic were having an impact on people’s wellbeing. To support our people we ran a ‘Find Your Peace’ programme incorporating meditation, reflective exercises and photography. We created a Photovoice catalogue, Navigating Uncertainty, to share the lived experiences of some of our participants during the first lockdown. The stories shared highlight the challenges people felt and also the coping mechanisms adopted and the positives they found in an otherwise challenging situation. This catalogue has been shared to highlight the diversity of experience and to promote the Find Your Peace programme for others to draw on.

A few years ago we launched a new Time Out programme which allows our permanent staff to take one month unpaid leave off a year. Time Out was introduced to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to take an additional block of leave to focus on something that's important to them outside of work and that can be anything from chilling in Cuba to climbing Everest! While people be travelling less now, there are still people availing of it to spend time with family, to pursue a passion or to have time away from technology.

Globe, our internal LGBTI+ and allies network

Deloitte Globe, our internal network for LGBTI+ people and allies, provides support and a shared sense of belonging for our LGBTI+ community, champions LGBTI+ recruitment, development & advancement and plays an important role in profiling our LGBTI+ agenda, educating our people and connecting with the Deloitte community and broader LGBTI+ community.

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At Deloitte, inclusion is key to everything we do. Ensuring our LGBTI+ employees can be themselves is a priority for our leaders and something they are accountable for. As a Partner, I’m personally very committed to being an advocate and ally for all our LGBTI+ employees. We know that diversity contributes to better decision making and a happier workplace, which is why we work at ensuring we are truly inclusive and ensure all issues are been discussed at the CEO level.

Valerie Daunt, Partner in Consulting

As an LGBT individual, it is important for me to know that my employer supports me and that the culture of my workplace is one of respect and inclusion. Difference is something we all have in common, and the focus and attention that Deloitte is placing (both globally and locally) on Diversity shows the true colours of the firm. I have no reservations about being my authentic self at work, and I feel comfortable knowing that I can express who I am with openness and honesty.”

Dane Martin Hickey, Senior Manager in Audit & Assurance

Universum Global Diversity & Inclusion Index

Deloitte has been recognized as one of the world’s most diverse and inclusive employers in Universum’s first Global Diversity & Inclusion Index. The index is based on the responses of over 247,000 Business and STEM students worldwide and is calculated by measuring companies that are perceived as the most associated with the following attributes – support for gender equality, commitment to diversity and inclusion, and respect for its people.

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