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Emer O'Shaughnessy

What I like most about my role

The day to day variety – I’m dealing with different clients, businesses and industries every day and spend a lot of time at different clients’ businesses getting a behind the scenes look into their operations.

What attracted me to Deloitte

The people I met when I did the milk round.

What I didn’t know but wish I knew before joining!

What an audit was!

My day-to-day role

Lots of meetings with clients, reviewing files with audit teams, lots of internal roles such as appraisals with trainees and coaching teams. I also work on a number of large engagements with people from different service lines in the firm including Corporate Finance, Tax and ERS.

How I have been able to make an impact in my role

In terms of innovation, at the moment we’re investing a lot of time and resources in Deloitte Audit which is a global initiative to rollout smarter, more efficient and more industry focused audits. I’m the Audit Learning Leader for this programme which is being piloted this autumn for full rollout in 2015.

What else I have been involved with since joining

In terms of CSR I participate in our annual Impact Day which is a day each year when we go out into the community and do charity work such as painting, gardening and general maintenance for charities. I’m also involved in the audit of a few charities. On the social side I play tag rugby with a Deloitte team every week and have done for a number of years.

Deloitte’s role in my longer term career goals

Deloitte has given me great opportunities and challenges to develop including working with overseas Deloitte offices on global engagements.

What I have enjoyed most

The people I’ve met. Some of my closest personal friends are people I trained with in Deloitte and they are lifelong friends even though some have moved on to other roles and careers outside Deloitte

Name: Emer O’Shaughnessy
: Audit

College Attended: NUI Galway

Course Completed: Bachelor of Commerce

Masters Degree Completed: Masters of Accounting

Joined Deloitte: 2001

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