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The demands of studying for and passing exams in college cannot be underestimated. By the time you leave college, you have made the transition from school to university and become very used to the academic environment. The process of qualifying as an accountant, tax or consulting professional will present you with yet another transition.

How we help you succeed

As an Associate at Deloitte, you will have to adjust to working in a busy, professional office environment during the day and revert to the role of student in the evenings and at weekends (as well as finding time for a social life!).

We are aware that these conflicting demands can be difficult and because of this we provide students with every opportunity to keep us up-to-date with their progression.

Through a variety of communication processes - formal and informal - we listen to students individually and in groups so that our managers, partners, Human Resources and Learning & Development teams can respond, giving you as much guidance and support you need.


Financial support

When you join Deloitte as an Associate, the firm pays for your student registration fee, for all exemption entitlements, and for your first time course and examination entry fees.

In addition, we offer financial support in the form of up-front sponsorship for students wishing to complete a institute recognised Masters in Accounting or Postgraduate Diplomas in Accounting.


Study leave

We offer substantial periods of paid study leave based on the type of training contract you are completing, or the course of study being undertaken. The amount of leave offered is in line with recommendations made by the relevant professional bodies.

To accommodate you further, banks of overtime worked during the busy season may also be taken at this stage, or time borrowed from the firm depending on your individual circumstances. Holidays may also be taken before or after the study leave period. We believe flexibility is the key.

Study support

Deloitte Professional Education Exam Support Programme include introductory sessions, subject specific tutorials and exam preparation workshops.

These sessions facilitated by our own Deloitte professionals and students with recent knowledge of the exams recount their experience of particular papers. The sessions are held in our Deloitte Academy, which provides a comfortable environment in which you can learn from each other and ask questions relating to the exam you are about to sit.

Students occasionally find themselves in situations where counselling and support meetings are appropriate. Our team is always happy to provide this at any stage.


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