The Global Project Challenge

by Tax Intern Lorraine Sheridan, Consulting Intern Maria O'Sullivan, Audit Intern Orlaigh Kennard and Consulting Intern Conor Bolger

The ‘Global Project Challenge’ or GPC as it has become known amongst the participants, is a fantastic initiative utilising one of Deloitte’s core pillars, collaboration, to produce innovation insights from interns across the globe.

The ‘Global Project Challenge’ or GPC as it has become known amongst the participants, is a fantastic initiative utilising one of Deloitte’s core pillars, collaboration, to produce innovation insights from interns across the globe.

81 interns from 14 countries were split into 17 teams, each tackling unique challenges that Deloitte faces on a global level. Supported by a project coach and sponsor, the teams were given a tight deadline of 4 weeks to produce a final Skype presentation on their allocated project.

The GPC not only produces insights that have real world applications, but it also helps garner an improved cultural intellect for the participants, who have had the incredible opportunity to experience a very futuristic model of global collaboration with all teams working together virtually.

10 interns from the Dublin member firm were selected to take part in the challenge, and some of them share their experiences below. 

Global Client Intelligence Design

"The project I worked on was set by the Global Client Intelligence Program at Deloitte. We had to map a lengthy list of business processes using a tool called IndustryPrint5 and identify areas where the program could do their work more efficiently. It was a thoroughly eye-opening experience as I was working for a program I initially knew very little about and using software I was unfamiliar with but the whole experience is one I would definitely recommend.

Most of my team members were based in the Caribbean which meant that due to the different time-zones, we only had two hours a day where we could meet and discuss our project. While this was daunting at first, it actually worked out really well as we essentially had two “shifts” of people doing work. This really helped get things done particularly towards our final presentation." Lorraine Sheridan, Tax Intern

Legal Technology: Staying Ahead of the Curve

"The project challenge I was set was under the area of Legal Technology. I worked virtually alongside 4 other interns, as well as with our coach who was based in Dallas, Texas. Our project sponsors set us the challenge of discovering the various types of legal technology currently out on the market, available for legal firms and departments to adopt with the intentions of improving their daily operations. Some legal tasks are found to be quite time consuming and laborious. This technology helps legal practitioners speed up their processes and reduce their costs simultaneously. Over the course of the 4 weeks we collated our information and produced a final presentation to our sponsors, who were based in Germany, through the use of Lync.

Having to balance both client work and the GPC has hugely improved my time management skills. It has also given me an insight into an area which I never knew existed this time 4 weeks ago. It was a great opportunity to work virtually with people from several different time zones, something which professionals do on a daily basis.  It was an overall enriching experience and I would highly recommend it for anyone considering same." Maria O’Sullivan, Consulting Intern

Attracting, developing & retaining non-traditional talent

"I worked on a fantastic team of interns from Dubai, the Cayman Islands, Malta and the Bahamas. We were asked to focus on one element of Deloitte’s 2020 strategy - employing 6 times the amount of people with a Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics background into the tax department. This new strategy comes after client’s demands for our services becoming broader in scope: the market is moving away from the traditional tax compliance services of today, towards a new tax analytical and tax consultancy services of the future. The firm therefore, needs people with such skills to help provide these services in the future.

We were asked to create a questionnaire for those with a ‘STEM’ background to determine what attracts them to an organisation and what type of learning and development path they seek. We then interviewed the appropriate people, analysed the data, and developed conclusions, recommendations and action plans for the firm. It was truly a unique experience from which I learned a lot, and would recommend any intern to apply for it next year!" Orlaigh Kennard, Audit Intern

Analysing Analytics: Opportunities and possibilities of big data

"Our team was given the challenge of coming up with innovative ways to improve the audit using Big Data analytics. This is an area of particular interest considering how rigid audit has historically been due to stringent regulations. With improvements in computing power there is a great opportunity for Big Data to provide a better experience for both the auditor and the client.

The team was split between audit, consulting and IT interns meaning that we benefitted significantly from a variety of backgrounds and insights. We had weekly catch ups with our coach and then a separate working call with the team. Virtual collaboration was particularly challenging on such an innovative challenge but despite several deviations along the way our team pulled together a strong proposition by the end of the four weeks." Conor Bolger, Consulting Intern

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