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Laura Headon

What I like most about my role

What I enjoy most is the variety in my work and the challenge it provides.

What attracted me to Deloitte

The people. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. Before joining Deloitte I participated in the Deloitte International Student Business Forum (ISBF) which gave me the opportunity to meet with Deloitte people from all over the world. This experience convinced me that Deloitte was a place where I would enjoy working and be challenged.

I also joined Deloitte to gain a wide variety of experience. This goal has been achieved through my work on a lot of different engagement types across a wide range of industries.

What I didn’t know but wish I knew before joining!

Deloitte provide excellent exam support. As well as study leave, there are in-house tutorials with experienced lecturers organised before all exams and continuous assessments which are very useful to help you get started with your exam preparation. 

My day to day role

Due to the nature of the work my day to day work can vary quite a lot. One day I could be researching a particular industry looking for companies that may be interested in an acquisition opportunity or working on a business valuation. The next day I could be building a financial model to predict future cash flows of a business. The next, I could be helping a company raise funds which may involve analysing their business plan and financial projections.

As you become more senior you get the opportunity to become a buddy to and mentor newer Trainees. You are also encouraged early on in your career to be innovative and to take on a leadership role in engagements.

What else I have been involved with since joining

I am a member of the running club and have competed in a number of races with Deloitte.  I have also attended the Christmas and summer parties organised by the firm which are always great fun. Additionally, each department has their own social events which are a good way to get to know your colleagues.

What I have enjoyed most

I have made great friends during my time here and have been challenged professionally. 

Name : Laura Headon
: Corporate Finance

College Attended: Trinity College Dublin

Course Completed: Management Science and Information Systems Studies

Joined Deloitte: October 2012

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