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Everyone can be a leader at Deloitte - Read our blog to hear how

We are committed to creating an environment that supports the development of leaders to make an impact that matters both within and beyond Deloitte. We have started a blog series in which our people will share their experiences of how our 'leaders at all levels' ethos is integrated into their role from their very first day.

Spending a summer in Audit

By Elizabeth Oke, Audit Intern

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln. To create this future, everyone has to start somewhere, so I chose to do an internship with Deloitte and it has been the best decision ever. Deloitte doesn’t expect interns to know everything when you start with the firm. Read more...

Spending a summer in Corporate Finance

By Elliot Demeure, Corporate Finance Intern

I was a bit stressed on my first day as I had no idea what kind of adventure I had just signed up for.  I arrived in D&T House and told the receptionist I was meant to start a work placement with the Corporate Finance Department. A few moments later, one of my future managers introduced herself. Read more...

Spending a summer in Consulting

By Manya Sahni, Consulting Intern

My journey with Deloitte began one sunny evening. My post-study brain woke from frenzy and I realised that I had nothing to do for four months. So I turned to the all-knowing and brilliant internet. Rapidly, I found out that a new internship position had opened up in Deloitte. Read more...

Spending a summer in Tax

By Eoghan Fox, Tax Intern

I must admit that on my first day I really didn’t know what to expect. Having recently completed two taxation modules in college, I was eager to see how relevant these would be in the real working world. Read more...

The Global Project Challenge

by Tax Intern Lorraine Sheridan, Consulting Intern Maria O'Sullivan, Audit Intern Orlaigh Kennard and Consulting Intern Conor Bolger

The ‘Global Project Challenge’ or GPC as it has become known amongst the participants, is a fantastic initiative utilising one of Deloitte’s core pillars, collaboration, to produce innovation insights from interns across the globe. 81 interns from 14 countries were split into 17 teams, each tackling unique challenges that Deloitte faces on a global level. Supported by a project coach and sponsor, the teams were given a tight deadline of 4 weeks to produce a final Skype presentation on their allocated project. Read more...

Joining Deloitte from a non-business background

by Adam Trundle, Corporate Finance & Tax Rotation Intern

When I applied for the summer internship in Deloitte, I wasn’t really sure if it was going to be for me. I am studying Maths and Music in Maynooth University so my background in business is pretty much nil.  I only applied at all because Deloitte were placed so highly in the GradIreland rankings. Nothing to lose by giving it a go! When I came in for my interview, it was soon obvious that Deloitte wasn’t just some big, boring accounting firm. Read more...

Leadership at all Levels

by Louise Dennis, Tax Intern

To me, being a leader doesn’t mean running a one-man band. It means having the ability to empower your colleagues to reach their potential, to draw out their talents, to inspire passion for work and to foster innovation in tackling both new and old projects. This all sounds great, but how can graduates, interns and co-op students do this when we’re at the bottom of the corporate ladder? Read more...

Intern & Co-op IMPACT Day 2015

by Rachel Maher, Tax Intern

Maya Angelou once commented that “you shouldn't go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands.  You need to be able to throw something back.” This quote neatly explains the entire purpose of Deloitte’s Impact Day, a chance for Deloitte to ‘throw something back’ to the community it belongs to. The first ever Intern and Co-op Impact Day took place on the 9th July. Read more...

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