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Our Learning Approach

The Deloitte learning approach is strongly influenced by the 70/20/10 model of learning whereby 70% of your learning occurs ‘on the job’ and represents the work challenges, opportunities and successes/failures that are experienced daily. The 20% refers to the engagement you will have with your immediate colleagues, managers, clients and the wider firm, with 10% of learning resulting from formal structured programmes.

In order to be effective, it is important development consists of a combination of activities over time – examples of such activities available in the firm are outlined below.

Learning at Deloitte


Learning at Deloitte focuses on providing a facilitated environment where you will be developed through a coaching culture. Coaching occurs both during structured formal learning environments and also informal settings such as client engagements, on-the-job experiences and through our feedback process.

Learning pathways

Each department has a learning pathway defined per grade which has been developed to ensure that learning programmes and development opportunities are of the highest standard.

Structured learning (10%)

We are committed to providing you with opportunities to attend structured learning that supports your personal and professional development. Each pathway outlines the key classroom and e-learning courses to be completed at each level in the firm, from graduate right up to partner.

Learning programmes range from:

  • Induction programmes equipping you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to enable you to hit the ground running!
  • Technical induction training covering all you need to know about joining your specified department and the tools and resources necessary to perform your job.
  • Dignity at work sessions focused on promoting a healthy working environment where all employees are treated with respect and dignity.
  • Performance Management sessions: It’s your career so own it, shape it and drive it!
  • Professional Skills training covering a range of topics across our key competency areas, including client relationship management, personal impact, coaching, and communication skills.
  • Microsoft Office training from the basics to advanced levels.
  • Presentation and Facilitation Skills equipping you with the knowledge and skills to make impactful presentations and run productive group sessions or client meetings.

Making the connection (20%)

A key part of your learning in the firm is the engagement you will have with your immediate colleagues, manager, clients and also the wider firm. In order to assist you in making the connection the firm has a number of initiatives and support systems in place:

  • Yammer; an online social networking forum allowing you to connect with your Deloitte colleagues.
  • Communities of practice; you will have the opportunity to become involved in local and global communities of practice
  • Buddy relationships; you will be assigned a buddy from the same peer group who can assist in the initial integration with the firm.
  • Engagement manager and team; you are continually encouraged to consider the impact you make with your engagement manager, the Deloitte team and client teams.
  • Performance management process: your appraiser can help you understand what is expected of you at each stage of your career.
  • On-going feedback
  • Our values; our values underpin the behaviours that impact the results we achieve with our client and our teams.

On the job learning (70%)

To embed learning  we encourage our people to reflect after key development experiences on what they have learned from significant projects so they have the opportunity to reflect on what they’ve completed and learned before moving on to the next project.

To support you in this process we provide a Learning Reflection worksheet to help you reflect on your learning and ensures that optimum learning occurs by continually focusing on ‘on the job’ experiences and challenges.

Joining as a graduate, your learning will be focused on building skills across a range of areas including, but not limited to, personal effectiveness, client service and communication skills. As you progress, the focus moves to strengthening skills by taking the knowledge and skills gained to date and taking them to the next level.

Other learning

Alongside the milestone programmes offered to you over your first three years with the firm, there are also technical and interpersonal skills training sessions offered out on a regular basis.  Also, we are one of the only professional services firms with a full time Talent Manager who is available to discuss career plans and objectives with you as you progress through your training.

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