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Your learning and development

Your expertise is our capability, so we’ll make sure it never stops growing. 

At Deloitte, you'll learn every day - whether it’s from the varied, high-quality work you do, the high-profile clients you work with, or the talented people you’ll connect with across the firm and around the world. And, through structured development, you’ll build your technical and personal skills quicker than you would anywhere else.

Our learning approach

The Deloitte learning approach is strongly influenced by the 70/20/10 model of learning whereby 70% of your learning occurs ‘on the job’ and represents the work challenges, opportunities and successes/failures that are experienced daily. The 20% refers to the engagement you will have with your immediate colleagues, managers, clients and the wider firm, with 10% of learning resulting from formal structured programmes and a range of online learning resources.

In order to be effective, it is important development consists of a combination of activities over time covering professional, leadership, technical and industry capabilities.

Our multidisciplinary practices, coupled with the wide range of industries we serve, can open up an infinite number of career options for you. It is our aim to actively support you to get the most out of your time at Deloitte.


On the job learning (70%)

As much as 70% of people's learning comes from things they experience and practice everyday whilst carrying out their usual responsibilities. Stretching oneself and exploring where additional opportunities to learn and grow may exist is the most effective and frequent way in which people develop. 

We believe that every challenge, success, opportunity and failure is a learning opportunity. We encourage our people to take time to reflect after key development experiences: focusing on what they have learned from significant projects before moving on to the next project. 


Making the connection (20%)

A key part of your learning in the firm is the engagement you will have with your immediate colleagues, manager, clients and also the wider firm. In order to assist you in making the connection the firm has a number of initiatives and support systems in place:

  • Coaching: Learning at Deloitte focuses on providing a facilitated environment where you will be developed through a coaching culture. Coaching occurs both during structured formal learning environments and also informal settings such as client engagements, on-the-job experiences and through our feedback process.
  • Communities of practice: You will have the opportunity to become involved in local and global communities of practice across the Deloitte network.
  • Buddy relationship: You will be assigned a buddy from the same peer group who can assist in the initial integration with the firm.
  • Engagement manager and team: You are continually encouraged to consider the impact you make with your engagement manager, the Deloitte team and client teams.
  • Performance Experience: We set clear expectations for performance by defining what success looks like and by placing frequent feedback and a focus on strengths at the heart of performance management. Your coach will be a sounding board and provide guidance and advice for your career and development.
  • On-going feedback: During regular check-ins with your team leader you will receive real time feedback to grow confidence and accelerate your development.
  • Our values: These values underpin the behaviours that impact the results we achieve with our client and our teams.


Structured learning (10%)

Training programmes

On top of this, we complement on the job learning with a wide array of specific training programs, tailored to your needs. We leverage common curriculam and innovative learning technology to equip our people with consistent and relevant technical, industry, professional, and leadership capabilities. This complements all of the other ways of learning above with a wide array of specific training programs, tailored to your needs. Furthermore, you will have 24/7 access to digital learning content, available through Cura, our new AI-powered learning app which allows you to learn on the go. 

Learning programmes range from:

  • Induction programmes equipping you with all the necessary skills and knowledge to enable you to hit the ground running!
  • Technical induction training covering all you need to know about joining your specified department and the tools and resources necessary to perform your job.
  • Leadership and professional milestone programmes at each stage of your career to set you up for success and provide you with the necessary skills and opportunity for growth as your on-the-job experience develops. 
  • Access to a very extensive collection of learning resources, including LinkedIn Learning, Get Abstract, Harvard ManageMentor and a variety of Deloitte specific resources, enabling you to take ownership of your growth.
  • Programmes designed to help you develop your key Deloitte skills focusing on presentation, business writing, facilitation and interview skills.
  • Key skills to assist you deliver an excellent performance experience to our people, with all of our coaches and team leaders fully trained on the Deloitte approach.
  • Regular knowledge shares provide a channel for the transfer of industry or service area knowledge and an opportunity to share learnings.
Deloitte University

Our member firm professionals are Deloitte’s greatest asset, and Deloitte is committed to investing in them and developing them as leaders. Deloitte University is more than a physical location—it represents the global expansion of a different and better way of doing business. Some of our employees will have the opportunity to attend world-class training programmes developing skills alongside their global colleagues. It ensures that we share experiences and learn from other member firms and approach our clients as a truly global firm, offering similar experiences whether they’re working with Deloitte in Ireland or Japan. 

woman teaching in boardroom

 We complement on the job learning with a wide array of specific training programs

person holding smartphone with bus in background

Our AI-powered Cura app allows access to curated, relevant learning on the go 

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